What Is The Most Powerful Soccer Cleat/Football Boot?

What Is The Most Powerful Soccer Cleat/Football Boot?

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Elmin Cecunjanin says:

why do you kick your leg out after you shoot

Zach Salim says:

Josh can you plz make a video on the adizeros F50 world cup edition

Talkbox Gaming says:

If there’s a shot which is more powerful than the other, it is 100% due to the player’s shot, not the boot.

Gear doesn’t turn night into day, the player who wears it does.

Montather Alamyal says:

I wish he tried the tiempo 5

Hayat Fdilat says:

I have the Adidas predator instinct

taimoor khan says:

which boot is should buy please tell me
nike superfly.5 or nike superfly 4

Ethan Bleemel says:

Wave ignitus 3 or magista obra? +Soccer Reviews For You

Anil More says:

Pause at 2:10

Nigger Faggot says:

Nike Hypervenom FTW.

Nasser Albloushi says:

Where are the hypervenoms

Matthew Correia says:

I have wide feet and like comfortable boots. What would you recommend?

Critter Gitter says:

You think you had a bit of Placebo effect on the Copa Mundials.? Haha,your feet knew they were the best shoe on the market.

mario lorenzo says:

i doesnt matter what cleats you use. is the player who kick the ball matters

Adam Gilbert says:

You didn’t even test out the Tiempo which is made for shot

Floral Lizziex says:

bro you selling some

Camilla Larsson says:

im an cam and i pass dribble in tight spaces and shoot much should i get the superfly or the magista pls help fast

MrKarter HuH says:

I just wanted to see those Pumas such a sexy shoes. Like josh said there is no such thing as a power shoe, if you wanna strike the ball harder you need to hit the gym and hit legs.

Joseph Walker says:

I have the adidas kaiser 5 is that sort of classed as copa mundial because its the remake

hatem ali says:

yes you re right , and the prove is that ronaldino . r.carlos and ronaldo they did the deadly shot with so normal shoes

Job McGoory says:

I watch your youtube uploads all the time and (sorry) never left any feed back. However, I particularly liked and totally agree with your THIS vid. Soccer cleats/Football boots these days are extremely exaggerated during their marketing. I personally own Adidas F50 Messi, Predator LZ 2, Nike Tiempo Legacy, Adidas Copa Mundial, and etc…. However no new shoes with cutting edge technology will improve my shooting accuracy nor power by instant 15%. It is 95% your personal skill level.

Always enjoy watching your uploads.


Lavrans Nyborg says:

I USE magista obra☺️

Anudeep Reddy says:

Josh im waiting for ur reply since 3 days , please give me ur valuable suggestion

MegaSpik3y says:


jern ker says:

it all comes down to THE PLAY no more no less

Jesus Delcarmen says:

Great vudeo , but shoes dont make you play , It all depends on your talent and capabilities.

ScrollfaceHDX YT says:

How about the shoes Dora wear?

Angie Cao says:

I am going to buy magistrate or hyper venom which one should I buy?

Victor says:

No umbro though, UX1 or geo flare could have had a shot too :l

Gorgarean Gustalvis says:

what’s the markets name

Adam Dannn says:

The new look on josh is better than this 😉

Pionel tapinessi says:

it is the person that matters the most, but i believe less bulky shoes would provide better contact rather than the bulkier cleats

Nicholas Zheng says:

should i buy nike mecurial superfly 4 or mercurial vapor 10

Champagne Haribo's says:

do u tense your foot when you shoot

大笨蛋 says:

Do Umbro velocita and UX-1& UX-2, speciali

Woody Angell says:

Please do a video like this but to see which is the fastest. (Running)

Saul Franco says:

You should test CTR 360

khairudy x says:

the magista was near to a barefoot feeling,that’s why you hit your hardest shot

Henry Vincent says:

Are there any power boots still in production

Minh-Tri Nguyen says:

Conclusion: the shoes help very little with power. Haha, the power comes from your leg! Also, the hardest shot he hitted was right at the speedometer.

alejandro fierros says:

Can you try the hypervenom phatal liquid chrome?


just earned a sub really impressed

Toby B says:

Hypervenom is the most powerfull

Asher Rosen says:

I think the hypervenom phantoms make you shoot the hardest with more power

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