Winter Pickups! (Gosha Rubchinskiy, Kappa, Vintage)


Today I bought a few thing (Kappa Track Pants, Vintage Pullover), but more importantly I finally got one of my “grails”. The Gosha Rubchinskiy FW15 Navy Flag Pullover Hoodie!
Thanks for watching, love you all

thumbial: @fernandorangel


Smacky170 says:

Bruh how do you do your hair its so nice

Willem-Alexander says:

jacob do you skate?

Towee says:

You guys can call me skinny jeans fag, but I really can’t make myself feel something about those track pants hype, miss old Jacov, still a like.

TheVangsgaard says:

Where are your rings from?

david smith says:

Aye bro what type of Reebok shoes are those?

Pelle Houmann says:

My boy Jacob is smart – buys a sick piece – uploads a pic of the piece on insta – makes a review on the piece – show his insta in the video

Eryk Czyz says:

please make more videos

halfcab81 says:

I can’t believe that these Kappa pants are in style again. I was rocking these heavy in 1998-2002.

Ryan Soderberg says:

Yo what shorts are you wearing in this

Cameron West says:

you’re so hot

Elias Heidrich says:

I turned that bitch to a runner.

Ariel Librati says:

link to kappa pants?

kdn says:

Thoughts on the Gosha x Adidas collab?

Lance says:

Put on pants

Kip Vaughan says:

Sweats are better with a closed bottom, they keep in the warmth if you live in a cold place.

veronic says:

love the pants

AshtonChain says:

Lol these been on your Instagram for a while

Sebastian Frank says:

what size are you in the pants?

Marex says:

i can get that shit in second hand

halfcab81 says:

Your hands a lot of personality. They should have their own channel.

Andre Tenorio says:

luv u dad

Horacio Cruz-Mendoza says:

what should I draw on my converse vro?

J K Lee says:

came for gosha and found out kappa is in trend? Kids in my school get made fun of for wearing kappa wtf

Myles Myers says:

Hey man I’m on Grailed and I’m tempted to get the Gosha Flag Hoodie. Does it run true to size or small? I heard Gosha runs small

Knud Peters says:

can you post a link for the first jogger?

Nexsoss says:

jacob how long was yachty’s performance at the show you went last june??

GuiGui Lawl says:

Whats the song the at the end lik ziggy!!!?

Pro Habits says:

Chamipon getting hyped people used to laugh at that brand now they collab with supreme, Bape, Vetements.

Karl KICKS says:

Where can I pick up some kappa track pants for $10?!?!?

frede Simonsen says:

what size is the gosha hoodie? dont know wich size i should get

Pat Gonzales says:

How do u do ur hair

themookshit says:

kappa is the shit!

Aske Jensen says:

If you need stuff like gosha, supreme and palace you Can hit me up. I live in Denmark and most proces are 10-20% lower over here. The gosha hoodie you Got costs around 400-420 in Denmark so its a bit cheaper. You Can hit me up if you need something

frdrcoirnwn says:

gosha design is heat pressed or what?

akeem hase says:

the hate you get is weird. he is pretty fwea to me.

Leonardo Avanzi says:

Chinese flag??? Hahahah

restless says:

yay you finally atleast said “gotten” and not boughten!!!

Delir says:

Those Gosha x Reebok aren’t coming out ever again right?

Patrick Brook says:

lmaooo saying kappa’s been done while wearing a champion hoodie

Zain Khan says:

when you smash but she take your champion hoodie home

Call Shots says:

whats link to buy those track pants

pan says:

love that gosha hoodie so much

AshtonChain says:

I see all that new shit you’re rocking on your ig.. why don’t you make a video on them?(:

SOY BOY says:

have you listened to lil yachtys lost files ep

Fraser Hayes says:

Thoughts on the xander Zhou rainbow pant and the GCDS classic stripe pant

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