ASMR Shoe Review: Nike SB Delta Force



Tyr4n LP says:

Did you watch the NFL Draft?

Asmr Naw says:

The shoes are sick and the asmr cool

Phoenix • says:

Speaking of shoes, I need new Adidas.

Andrew Escalante says:

classified. no wall.

Milton David :v says:

Amazing vídeo 😀

Aaron Sun says:

Is it just me that thought the shoes were purple?

Akari Myint says:

Loll. Great vid i really want to see a vid with u r real voice.

Nvm just watched u r last vid

akirameta says:

Stop fucking whispering.

Chris Logan says:

Great video! Can you show those on feet aswell? Cheers!

Channel Name says:

Love ur vids!

rafa arteaga says:

Hi, could anyone tell me if for these shoes it is recomendable to buy one size over or down? I saw ones on sale and they are size 9, but i have always worn 9 1/5, Thanks.

Andrew Escalante says:

west point academy to Delta force. ur welcome

eusouneto20 says:


Andrew Escalante says:

choose kind

Tom .4.2.0 says:

you are sooo cute

Edu Se Deliciando says:

Eu gosto de chupar pirulito


Nice video …you are the best

Ashley Hippy says:

Just watched your new announcement video and I was waiting for this asmr video to come out when you mentioned it.

Егор Рысин says:

крутые кросы)

kiya says:

that snap just gave me a fricken eargasm

아구럴수도있겠당- says:

where are u from ?

치킨무 says:

세상 햄섬가이네

JoshuaCann says:

3:50 I’m glad he got a launch pad

kakashi says:

Olho blue

Zo Rome says:

Nice shoes

Yet Pxx says:

Really cool shoes btw Keep up the good work i hope you hit 20k

Mel Zemourit says:

Such a calming voice

QOQ QOQ says:

your hair isn’t wack btw

Alternative Media says:

Do you know how many poor Asian children died so that this spoilt American boy can have 100 shoes?

ASMR Pillow says:

You know a lot about shoes dude

Itz-Fusion says:


Goat Dude says:

I’m a sneaker head so can you do more videos like this please

Andrew Escalante says:


JoeliniBanana. says:

How to make reviews when all of your family is sleeping

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