Dope Tech: Self-Lacing Nike Mag!

The self-lacing Back to the Future shoes are real!

How to get the Nike Mag:

Behind the scenes:

Video Gear I use:



Albert Estrada jr says:

I will give my life for them

thisguynamedbrian says:

I really need them to sell these

1256 8488 says:

Those shoes are ugly

Darien Ilham says:

what the fuck? was that starboy beat on the intro?

el3xtrosky says:

How the hell MKBHD get to use Starboy as intro?!! Cool, dope content!

Tyler Richards says:

I want them

TanakinSkywalker says:

Sick of seeing dudes wearing skinny jeans

Jessica Simmons says:

its air mag

Ariel Rojas says:

I got the 2011 nike mags

win7ermu7e says:

Those are 80’s-hideous.

Joshua Perez says:


05Ferndog05 says:

Stupid ass shoes, what is this world coming to

jurron thomas says:

i wood wear them all day

game on ! says:

how much do they cost


the real question is,

can Jack from unbox therapy wear them?

Vaughn Catillon says:

Fools back home will cut your foot off for those

Bryce James says:

fuck the kicks, I want the hoverboard

J.R.R. III says:

song : Darude – Sandstorm

Notorious says:

What if your foot was too big and the self-lacing shoe glitches,cause it to squeeze your shoe?

Rose Turquoise says:

Did you notice if you remove the “s” of “shoe”, you got “hoe” ?
That’s why if you have a Ness, you’re not a hoe.

St Michael says:

oh fuk I forgot to charge me shoe!….. WTF? LOL

Coolest613kid bruh says:

damb son I need those

Todor Donev says:

person 1: yo dawg, lets go out have some drinks
person 2: yeah man let me just charge my shoes

Umair Hussain says:

I can’t move my shoes batteries out!

Tamica Karamaene James says:

those ant fukn shoes those are fukn robot things like if u agree

Osama Bin Badman says:

You’d look like such a twat walking around town with these.

Ako Mizmo says:

nice shoes

Tatman Bahr says:

I want one

Vilan J says:

Technically we do have “hover boards”

Typical Tuber says:

Where can I get those

innovation HQ says:

This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen! Nike sucks!

Luciano Delai Costa says:

Lexus already has the Board perhaps you could review that also.

Harambe says:

what if they’re laced and the battery is dead and u lost the charger

Michelle Hill says:

I M getting black light up shoes on Friday this Friday came up

L4NCHITUP4 Launchpad Enterprise says:

Hate to break it to you but they were used in raffles but then in Nov. 2016 they were released to online stores. They are avaiable in Nike Stores or in Ross or any other store. You can order them on Amazon i think or just type Nike Air Mags for sale and you should get lots of results

TeqHDcasper says:

fuck man they look good.

Micheal Rojas says:

when are the shoes are coming out please tell me when you have the chance and tell me the price so I can get them

Simi K says:

Hals Maul die will ich auch fikdich

AwsomeBoyGamer YT says:

they’re alright

king_of_300 cypher says:

I would never wear those to school but mall yes

tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

looks gay as fuck

Top 5 central says:

For the nike air mags I would pay7,000

Takiado ` says:

too slow, but cool that people are trying

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