FREE x METCON Review – NIKE’s Best Training Shoe!

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Ken Le says:

How do these shoes compare to the Nike Voom command in your option cause I thought those were too awesome too.

范建新 says:

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Walter Thomas says:

As someone who had major issues with Nike frees in the past, I am curious to how you can so emphatically state they won’t give you shin splints and plantar fasciitis issues? It seems as if many people would have to put quite a few miles on them to be able to make that statement with any kind of confidence. You also said you haven’t had them long enough to test the durability. You haven’t had them long enough to test the durability but you emphatically stated they won’t cause shin splints and plantar fasciitis. Come on man.

Jesus Siqueiros says:

How would they compare to a great classic like the nano 6??

Luke Dione says:

So I have metcon 4’s and everything is great except the heel slip. Should I return them?

Carlos Mercado says:

More comfort than the nano 8?

Brad Sturrs says:

Joel, how are the laces with the shoe? Do they undo as easily as with the metcons?

Michael Clarke says:

Awesome shoe, love these!!

Chad Booth says:

Sold me with no squeak!

ObesetoBeast says:

Couldn’t agree more!

Draconslayer112 says:

Would these be good for being a daily shoe?

Felix Cruz says:

We did Helen this morning and these were a dream on the feet!

Kristoffer Thrane says:

I dunno, i personally think these are one of the ugliest training shoes ive ever seen 😛 Personal opinions i guess!

Austin Telford says:

Good thing this review came up, these shoes are a real possibility

Matthew Rodig says:

What is the longest distance you have ran in them? Do you think they will be ok for longer runs if the person has no feet issues?

rose r says:

No women’s sizes.. I would try men’s sizes but mine is 4.5 in boys. I don’t understand why they don’t have women’s.

Brozark187 says:

Trying to decide if I want these or the nano 8 for my everyday shoe. My metcon 2 just aren’t cutting it!

Brent Waldrop says:

They look like they are about to come right off of your foot. Your heel slid up and down tremendously. No heel slip problems?

Johnny-ray Vega says:

yooo joel whats up with those green grips????

Michael Haraf says:

Dude! You like these better thank Strike Mvmnt Pace!?!? Or have you reviewed the Interval Knits yet from Strike Mvmnt?

Stavros Zachary says:

whats the best jump rope you’ve come across? Crossrope bolt?

Ale LdeZ says:

when are they arriving to southamerica??

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