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HighSchool says:

If you can get them for under $190 then a black and white shoe looks a lot better than that colorful one you used.

kevin15776 says:

I agree that it is a pretty lazy design and for nearly $200, there are many other brands and models I’d rather have.

SWAGGY D Dope says:

Boost life

Ben Mooney says:

The 2017s are the best

Frank V says:

I disagree I love how they look, the nike check placement specially this colorway is perfect!

Anthony Delsa says:

not really feeling the 2017, but the all zoom low for some reason is such a dope runner to me, the nike lab flyknit release and the total crimson were a must cop. no hype just dope pickups

ItzDeepy says:

i’m going to buy the 2016 i like it better than these

Xtreme Gigoloko says:

I saw them, I liked them and I brought them for full price because I could afford them. I passed on the 2014, 2015 and 2016 because I wasn’t feeling the wild colour ways but I think Nike got it right with these. Just wish i’d held out for the triple black with the blacked out swoosh but i’m not going to lie i’m feeling tempted to purchase another pair.

JayJay says:

I have 2 pairs i used to have 3 but the third one ripped after a week

Seymour Bucks says:

Airmax 95 are the best. I kinda like these tho, can’t lie..

Sean Vaughn says:

Does the back of the heel rub on the heel of the foot? I had an issue with a past model where it would make my Achilles heel soar. Please advise<<<<

Rick- MVP says:

da fuck nike air max is the ugliest shoe ever

Abbas Akbar says:

The Excellerate 5’s are low key way better and cheaper than these pieces of crap

Travis' Daily Life says:

god damn your such a shitty youtuber but the only reason you get views is cuz you talk about hypebeast shit

Casey Miller says:

They just HAD to make the swoosh 5 times bigger

Astrocat 16 says:

What if you have the 2015 Airmax and it no longer fits? Is it worth buying the 2017?

staggerlee41 says:

Thanks for the video. I’ll be passing on the 2017’s and buying another of the 2016’s. I hated the 2015’s because just like the 2017’s the tongue is sewn in and they”re cheesy looking. They are a pain in the ass to slide in and out of. You mentioned the soles seem slick, they look slick in the video too. The 2016’s styling wasn’t my favorite but they are one of the more comfortable versions I’ve worn.

americanculture 380 says:

hey man none of You Cheap fucks should buy this shoe anyways I’m always foward thinking so this shoe is great so what

Kian Ashton says:

Yours are fake

CYPHXRRZ _ says:

These things are death traps 360° popping action

Blue X says:

I payed 80€

Yahwehs Black Knight says:

I think they look ok

GamingWithKyle says:

I can’t see in the AirMax 2017 that they are 190€ i have shoes for 140€ and they even better than the 2017

tedzer94 says:

From someone who wears air maxes all the time nike really needs to actually make the AM18 actually different I’ve never owned a pair of the newer models I only Fuck with the 90s, Bw, 95s, 1s and Tns just because there classics but since I seen the AM13 when it came out and now the AM17 there all the same no real change so nike definitely needs to get that sorted out for the AM18

Lincoln 6Echo says:

I have the black 2016’s.. they’re terrible. bought my girlfriend the blue 16’s.. she doesn’t like them either.. I had a material defect in the black ones.. authorized dealer wouldn’t replace them and I never heard back from Nike. if I wanted defects in my shoes I’d have bought some $20 NOBO’S. not 200 for what’s supposed to be a quality shoe.

Rush Rage Gaming says:

idk, I just got them today, that’s why I wanna watch this video

rosa Hamby says:

thats a 60 dollar shoe these nike idiots are raising the price they stupid

sneaker kid says:

check out my air max 2017 review guys

Derek Daniels says:

nope im good with my 2015 AMs.

Keepinitreel says:

I think they look awesome!

RayRay says:

Go kd9 or nike all out and you will not go back.

SuperCowsta says:

Couldn’t stand the notifications noises when it told me to subscribe/like, had to dislike the vid homie sorry

Pisit Juntako says:

$160 is what I paid for these.

Jordan Ashton says:

i have the triple black pair i love them they are super comfortable

bad13luck13 says:

haven’t tried these, but the zoom all out are terrifying to run in. I took them back immediately

Kevin Clanton says:

same ol shit from nike.


I just reserved mine

Dat Offensive Guy says:

Its on sale for like 135 on Nikes website

SWAGGY D Dope says:

Nike AirMax is a gimmick, all the air is being held up by a plastic pillar inside which doesn’t allow compression

Hanfeng Wang says:

Is it safe to buy air max from eBay?

NiharrTech says:

Do u think 2016 and 2014 look exactly the same?


The black one is replica

HVT - RotterdamFTAa says:

I think the look like a ugly version of the ’97s. I love the silver 97s

André Millioud says:

I think it still looks fly

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