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Get the shoes here:


Harsh Kudav says:

is this site secure and shipping price?

Elliot Lambert says:

Where can I can get these

Matthew Martinez says:

Could you do an update video on the mags whenever you get the chance?

parodoxicalization says:

you got that adidas thing going on them nike air mags… fake?


Miss Mahagony says:

You’re hot

Tyler Gall says:

What kind of sticker was that, that you had on the strap on the v2’s? Was that the glow in the dark ones? Could you display a link to the stickers?

the doctor_10 review channel says:

How long did it take to charge?

vine man says:

The shoes are fake

Kicks 4 Life says:

Those are fake

Nikhil Shirke says:

for how much you bought those shoes?

lemy perez says:

what site?

Izzy D-T says:


Joel Lado says:

These are fake lowkey.

Trystan The Dj says:

fo they lace themselves?

Matt Wooldridge says:

those are sick!

SpyGaming says:

Do you know where I could get a fake replica I mean the shoes are Nice but I’d rather now waste that much money

Johnny Aguirre says:

it dont matter if they fake they look real to me

Tyler Jay says:

Am I the only one who thinks these are really ugly?

terrance miles says:

how long was the shipping brotha

Mandla Hlalethwa says:

great review Brett…this made me get myself a pair and you were spot on with all details….haters will hate

Osman Shah says:

And those shoes look like the boot you wear when you break your foot

Sam Butler says:

how come they don’t sell these in stores near me

lebron fan says:

got them at a yardsale

Trà My says:

Is it a fake one?

David Goldschmid says:

Fun video. Ron Burgundy + mystery ppl walking in background always makes me laugh. Editing and music were great too

Erick Navarrete says:

what’s the shoe size?

Lemon Juice says:

Please give it away to me

Mine'sFX says:

the site is secure ?

Converse_King66 says:

So a seller made authentic knock offs. That’s awesome

lemy perez says:

oh smh duhh lol ty

Ashton Defries says:

They are both still pretty shity, especially because they don’t self lace and they r still “500” DOLLARS

Osman Shah says:

Do you have makeup on in this video

Jimmy Martinez says:

they are fake those are the v3


How much did it cost

Matthew Martinez says:

How much was shipping and tax?

Oxygen - SR says:

These suck ass

lemy perez says:


Oozy Mikey says:

do they self lace though

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