Nike Air Max Infuriate 2 Low Performance Review! $80 Budget Shoe!

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Piko Maño says:

Dude the infuriate 2 is crazy good playing outside,playing defense with those shoes is the best doing lateral movements it give full support with little slippage

Ben Vaknin says:

Nike Shitmesh™

Matthew Mey says:

budget model always have solid traction coz nike aint tryna do anything crazy they just use old tech that they know works

Moobear Nation says:

80 dollars is cheap ?

Felipe Gatpayat says:

Can u do a shoe review on the apl shoes

DEDLEE 888 says:

U my go to guys

Garv kumar All about swimming says:

Can you do top 10 shoes with highest impact protection

Nathan Anderson says:

Look like old KDs

Xavier Tiemann says:

You guys gonna cop the nike oddysey react and do a review?

Vinson S says:

Airforce 270…does it basketball??? Who knows?

ionut says:

after seeing your video … I was testing them, very uncomfortable! Subscribe like and shear! thx @The Sole Brothers

ionut says:

The Sole Brothers super!!!
1. I have a wide foot and I call a heavy guy, the materials are not so durable? not for me?
2. Nike Air Versatile better?

Happy Fiesta says:

Sole brother do you have review at this shoe nike air precision 2

dkd says:

80 dollar ..vry cheap ?

Alvin Bong Hui Min says:

Jordan 11 Low vs Harden Vol.1/2 please

J.T. says:

“80$ budget shoe” ah yeah budget……

Petteo Lepe says:

Guys I need help, should I either get the Curry 3 low or the Curry 4 low. (I like low cuts because hightops are hard to put on for me) Please consider price, performance and look.


what you guys think bout the Mid cut version though?

keep up with the vids! thanks

Aufa Sutwilai says:

Best outdoor shoes please !

Joshua Yu says:

These guys dont know how to play ball lol

blackcharcoal says:

yo is this worth it to cop?

Vinny Maye says:

Rip wide footers

Jacob Barcelo says:

Can you compare with the infuriate 1’s?

Bastian X says:

Can u please do a Kobe 1 Protro review? I’m contemplating either getting the mamba day or the 360

Tornado Bullets says:

Они очень узкие трудно обувать

Big Zimmo says:

Mamba rage performance review

akhil rastogi says:

Top outdoor shoes 2018

Hello People says:

Nike infuriate 2 gs hightop doesn’t use shit mesh

niel benedicto says:

it’s not durable. midsole separation is just horrible.

Eric Powell says:

smh, these shoe companies think they’re slick. Making all their shoes with fly wire. Omg, tired of it. Shoes don’t even last long anymore cause once one fly wire gets loose it’s over. Gotta buy ANOTHER pair. Which I’m lead to believe why they make their shoes like socks now days just so they can circulate more money. Smh, they be making everything with poor designs just so you have no choice but to run back to em’. Good job masons.

Freddy Roberts says:

Lebron soldier 12 review please

Jonathon Balok says:


Mikołaj Charkot says:

Can u review nike zoom live 2?

sir paragas says:

I have those but it dosnt have cushion at all.. Now im suffering knee tendonitis.. So im swtching to brandblack

Anton TOBIAS says:

Curry 5 nike vers

Jackie Lucero says:

sure max 270low vs kyrie 4

Evan Farr says:

I got the high top for $40

AWBurd says:

Top 5 outdoor shoes

stanstanminson francisco says:

where’s our soldier 12 review?

Joshua Yu says:

Thats why their reviews sucks. It isnt accurate.

Winson Oliver says:


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