Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 Performance Review

After 120 miles including a marathon in the Nike Zoom Elite 9 Thomas gives his thoughts on the speedy trainer.

Women’s and Men’s Review:

Meaghan’s DONNA Marathon Review:

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Jesse Davis says:

ok just let me know this, whats the best marathon show youbthink besides the vaporfly 4percent

Thavisup T says:

Awesome review!

Nathan Ha says:

Got these for 70 dollars, best deal ever!

Gabriel Machado says:

Elite 8 is too stiff, but the cushlon on Elite 9 isn’t too soft for a “racing flat”? Great review, thanks for posting!

David W says:

Flat footed fool here. Any idea how I’ll fare with these?

I’m coming from LunarGlides (a very old pair that have lasted donkeys years). Wanna stick with the brand & getting close to sub 7 miles, so keen for a faster shoe as things get interesting. So, would you guys recommend I try out a pair of Elites or you think I’d be better suited to something comfortable like Pegasus 33s or the cheaper Spans?


This or Pegasus for casual running? I run 2 miles a session two to three times a week and up to 5 times a week during summer. Pegasus 31’s have proven extremely durable, comfortable and long lasting for me in the past. My Z elite 8’s look dead and I just walk in them around campus, so I have my concerns.

Benjamin McDonald says:

What other shoes are like this shoe but with added stability and from any brands?

Amanda Schot says:

Did Megan also go up a half size?

Dennis Mocheniat says:

Elite 9 vs Streak 6 for 3~5 mile runs and sprints? Thanks.

Mr. Brian says:

I haven’t worn Nike’s in a while, but I tried these on the other day since my buddy owns a pair. I could really feel that Zoom airbag under my forefoot. Not like springing me up and down or anything, just that the little puff was super apparent under my forefoot…. I kind of liked it. Are all Nike Zooms that noticeable? I might want to get me a pair of Pegasuses (Pegusi?) or something with two airbags lol.

mjlv123 says:

these shoes fit a little bit snug on the forefront fit full size not as my elite 7 that runs true to size. probably 11.5 would fit as I desire more comfortable with an extra cms. but they didn’t have the size. well they felt light but I don’t like the rear part the cushlon it feels too soft not as firm or stable as I wish or as my elite 7 or as my zoom streak 6. well I will give it another try when my size is available at the store. I would like to think that probably it has came out wrong of factory. or just wait for next generation

Ichneumonidae2 says:

hope your missing toe has healed up nicely 😉 great review! in your opinion, is there a reason to give these a try if the Streak 6 already provides sufficient cushion for a half marathon?

mikes1929 says:

I mentioned on a facebook page that I was looking at either the Zoom Fly, Salming Speed 6, or On Cloudflow, and everyone was telling me to get this shoe. Maybe I’ll have to try it as well.

Audric Baldivia says:

Can i use this in Sprinting and MidDistance

Jesse Davis says:

can anybody telle what snappy means over pop.. and zoom unit vs the shank

Benjamin McDonald says:

What is the best racing+tempo/ fast paced running shoe from not Nike?

Benjamin McDonald says:

What would you consider as the best fast running shoe at the moment

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