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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Review – RIZKNOWS Running Shoes Reviews! We are back it again with another Nike running shoes review. We really like these Nike shoes. In this video, Matt walks you through everything you need to know about the Nike Pegasus 34 including what has changed over the Nike Pegasus 33. Some of the topics discussed in this Nike sports shoes video includes the new flymesh upper, lockdown, tread and a lot more. Matt also covers the fit, lacing system, and break-in period. Overall, these are great running shoes and there is a good chance they end up on the list for Best Running Shoes 2017 or Best Nike Running Shoes 2017. Hope you enjoyed this Nike athletic video.

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Harry Prabowo says:

I came to the nike store 2 days before they launched the 34. there was peg 33 that day. so i tried, and realize that the midsole isnt suitable for my stadard foot. I think it’s more suitable for high arched foot. Then I tried Winflo 4 and it was so firm inside and realize that this was the shoes that I need. I picked one.

I don’t know if the 34 stil have the same insole with the previous 33. I should come and try it myself. COnsidering the colour and model are so eye-catchy, bringing the breaking2 theme such as zoom fly and vaforfly.

jonathan Velasco says:

Can u review the cloud on’s

A. G-E says:

Got a pair of these. I had to get half size up because my true size made my toes numb. I have wide feet so they feel best with thin socks

Evan Parry says:

Please do not recommend that people “buy up a half a size to compensate for the width of foot” issues. That’s not how that works! In fact, they will actually be causing themselves harm long term.

Instead, they either should either A) see if there are wider sizes available, or B) try a different brand that makes shoes in different widths.

irish maigue-valenzuela says:

Do u have a review on nike vomero 12? If not, can u make one. Thanks

Parker Jenkins says:

I really enjoy your videos but could you do some barefoot running shoe reviews? Review xeroshoes?

oscar tamayo says:

Review the Nike elite 9 and vomero 12

T says:

Is the toe box narrower than the 33’s? The big reason I went to the 33’s was for that, fit me perfectly. Really hope they haven’t gone narrower there

Boost4Life says:

Cant believe you called the zoom units “air bubbles”

CThienV says:

Anyone at Nike seen what a human foot looks like?

Azartus Gman says:

you should review the vapor fly 4 percent or the zoom fly

Tejas Patil says:

Well happy with my 33

Ryan Nicholls says:

how do the these compare with the 2017 adidas supernova (glide 9) trying to decide between the 2

Michael G Viemeister says:

Nike quality is not good. I have clothing and shoes that fell apart after little use. Customer service is unhelpful

Moran Monovich says:

great review, straight and to the point

JC RC says:

I own the 34 they are amazing!

Ryan Little says:

Whaddup, Matt!!!

Ketut Deddy says:

Great review riz… how about running shoes from reebok

DanyDoes says:

I’ve bought the 31,32,33, and I really want the 34’s. These shoes fit my extremely wide and flat foot perfect. Loved the video

AwesomeKicks says:

Hello guys, sorry to bother but I have a new channel where I review running shoes. Just click on my name and watch my videos if you are interested! If you have feedback, then please comment that in the comment section in one of my videos. Cheers!

Lennysunday says:

those shoes hurt my feet ..

Hirman Ismail says:

very good and concise review rizknows!… probably next is to update us on nike vomero…

Winston Posvar says:

I used to run with these but I’ve found that there are much better options out there. The narrow build is very apparent. Obviously shoes are a very individualized product. Nike running shoes in general are underwhelming for the price. I prefer asics, brooks, HOKA one one.

Daniel Johnson says:

The Pegasus 33 was the first time I had worn anything in the line. I normally wear a size 9, but went with a 9.5 in the 33’s. If I was good with the half size up is that what I should do when I upgrade to the 34’s or has there been a change that makes them fit more true to size?

Luis Mendoza says:

Love theses shoes

Christopher Lellis says:

I’ve been running in these Pegasus 34s for about a month now pretty consistently and I am very impressed. For me it is an outstanding running shoe. My only complaint is that the soles tend to get filled with tiny rocks and my favorite running trailed is made of these. I don’t feel them or anything but I pick them out after every run on that trail. Just a minor thing. I like them better than any running shoe I can remember having and I have had many.

tom cat says:

I have two pairs of the 33s. I live in them! amazing shoe! PR this year in the Cellcom Half Marathon and 5K this year with these!
You can’t go wrong. I have wide feet 4E and they do have them in Wide. Perfect 5 star shoe!
Great Review of the 34. I’ll be picking up a pair soon!

M Free says:

The 33s do come untied easily. Also, those exposed fly-wires on the 33 would pick up rocks in the holes in the mesh. I had one rock that lodged its self in a fly-wire hole that I didn’t discover for a while and it ended up giving me a pretty nice swollen area on the side of my food by my little toe.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the review.

Solaris Fireball says:

Laces are too long? Not if you tie a heel lock…

CheapAssReviews says:

Big double knot club forming if anyone wants to join.

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