Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Review (Also vs Pegasus 34 Running Shoes)

➡ Pegasus 35:
➡ Pegasus 34:

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Review (Also vs Pegasus 34 Running Shoes). In this video, Matt covers the Nike Pegasus 35 review. Overall, we really like the Nike Pegasus line. These Nike running shoes are ideal for short, medium and long distances and have a lightweight, breathable upper. The Pegasus running shoes also have solid lockdown and provide a smooth ride and transitions while running. On the downside, the tongue is on the large side and some people think they run long and narrow. All in all, Nike made some nice upgrades with the Pegasus 35 running shoes. They’re great for all types or runners. In this video, Matt also covers the Nike Pegasus 35 vs 34 running shoes. We’ll see if the Pegasus 35s land on the list for Best Nike Running Shoes 2018 or Best Neutral Road Running Shoes 2018. Thanks for watching.

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Jouke Hitman says:

This is great!
I was just looking for new running shoes . Love you guys!

kenny wales says:

Good work man

King Juli en says:

“Does it come in black?” Asked Brune Wayne… Jeeeeeeeff!!!! Lol

Ross Bagatski says:

34. Not sure it’s worth overpaying for 35. What about Nike Wildhorse 4 or Terra Kiger 4? Will you review them?

Lolz pham says:

It’s gotta be the 35s

Rickie K. says:

Gotta go with 35’s, however that long tongue could be annoying. Looks goofy being so long.

Jim Burley says:

I would go with the 34 because of the price and comfort

james bang says:


Rick Jaramillo says:

Not a nike fan. Dont know if I’ll try these out. Returning my phantoms and need a new shoes. I usually run in the go run series

Carlos Rangel says:

Non of them I’m antes Adidas fan. But ir I have todo choose that will Be the 34 due to price

AJ H says:

35’s always need to go with the newest. Especially since they did not change the last!

ryan young says:

35 for sure cuz its a big upgrade plus it looks sleeker thus you van use it in more fashionable athletic styles

Jeromi Birtikidis says:

I’m not a distance runner so I’d go with the cheaper of the two. I’m more of a HIIT. I have been more interested in barefoot running as of late.

Alexander Will says:

You guys should review the Altra shoe lineup? Or some trail shoes!!

meet jaiswal says:

35’s because I’m a long run guy and some fast sprint’s a

canigetmoney says:


GoldenEagleAesthetix says:

I like shoes with thinner soles so I probably wouldn’t by either, but I guess the 35s ‘cus their lighter.

Anthony K says:

There’s one thing you didn’t mention. I’ve been mulling these over for a while and I’m trying to figure out why there seems to be a liner type material in the toe box, kind of like a sweater feel? This seems like it can get very hot as I’m from SoCal where i need very breathable shoes. You’re take on the added material?

ericyl chan says:

Could we get a comparisons between Pegasus 35 x Epic React?

TreeTrunk Games says:

Anyone else bothered by him saying Mo Far-ahh

HOONIGAN Dreamer says:

I love the line up but they don’t work well when doing 90 miles a week.

rexbk09 says:

I started with the Nike Air Pegasus+ 27, and the heel support did not work for me, rubbed into the skin, severly! Surprised by the running shoe (not going to call them sneakers) since they have always been comfortable from the base (sole) foundation materials! (no problems from 28 forward) l had the 27’s until a couple years ago, since that is where the “magic” started for me…. Got plenty of pairs, as I try to never miss a year, as my most recent are the 33’s (2 pair!)

Ronan Griffin says:

I think 35’s for most runners but the better bang for your buck is definitely the 34’s

Mat Setizar says:

Are running shoe soles designed to quickly wear out? The harder layer that contacts the ground is so thin plus there’re ridges and gaps that makes it look grippy or anti slip but actually just makes it wear out even sooner because of reduced contact surface area.

James Bell says:

35’s. Because they’re an elf shoe. JK! I like the single air chamber and the small details like moving the last eyelet.
Great video as always.

Mitchell Perez says:

I don’t run that often and am on a budget, so I think I would go with the 34’s. Although the 35’s do look nice

Ben Schneider says:

I use the Pegasus line all the time for running there the best

TheWhatevadiva says:

34 there going to have the best deal if your like me and is not much of a runner but wants running shoes

Edgar Ortiz says:

35’s, to those xc runners or other people that run daily, the minor upgrades will definitely help on the long run. ( pun intended)

james van den born says:

I am a long distance runner and one of the key things I look in is comfort and cushion for my heels so I will go for the 35

Muhammad Usman Shahid says:

what is the difference between zoom vomero and pegasus, and which one is better? Please answer

5thGenTexan says:

34’s for 3x a week runs

Jesse Valdez says:

I just bought the 34s and I like them


On thing about Nike’s is they look good. For 5-15k how do you think they will hold up?

Ivo says:

Hey Matt, thanks for your review for Nike Pegasus 34 running shoes and I got one pair and I love them so much… wow!

Michael Chan says:

I’d go 34 Shileds cause I like the look and price better (I’m not a serious runner).

Desiree Alton says:

I’m not a distance runner so I would go with the cheaper ones.

robert laurence says:

My daughter uses Brooks ghost but said the look of the tongue would bother her di she would go with the 34s

m1lkb0x says:

As a runner the Pegasus has always been the best bang for your buck running shoe you can buy especially when they hit outlets, also this can be used in any terrain, and make a great training shoe

NickL Leeto says:

Cool vid. These shoes are incredibly expensive here. Third world problems… Congratulations from Brazil

Jason Outmezguine says:

35’s look good!

Jonathan Boyd says:

I’d go 35 because I run every day.

Bradley Dillingham says:

Curious how these compare to the Zoom Fly

Matias Belaunde says:

They look awesome, but Nike’s.have never fitted me that well. Usually go for dime Adidas

Historybuff19 says:

Nike always has the best shoes, if not the best functionality, but always the best styles.

Brian Martinez says:

I would go with he 35’s. Like all the new features.

Martin LaVare says:

Always looking for my next running shoe or shoes! Thanks Matt Ross! Gotta go both! Nice to be able to switch on and off on shoes so that you break them down more evenly.

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