NIKE Epic REACT Flyknit SNEAKER Review: Is It REALLY Better THAN…?

No time to play anymore. Here is the truth about the Nike EPIC React Flyknit.

UNBOXING: An Exclusive EPIC Nike Sneaker:


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Mathew V LeDoan says:

But Ultraboost has continental grip

Mateen Nia says:

Do you pin comments

Eric Jarvis says:

I like

Paxton E. says:

Knowing Nike they are probably releasing this shoe with a shitty outsole so they can release a better version for $30 more in 6 months and bank off of that.

Fendy1 says:

If you want these for running then I would say ‘Yes’. However, these are not shoes to buy to wear casually. With most shoes you could get away with both, but not these (in my opinion).

jinddol919 says:

Im kinda worried about durability and stability. How was that?

Josh Arma says:

Such a great detailed review. Wow. Def copping a couple

Aubrey Joy Baclig says:

Thank you!!!!

Mister Sebastian - English Teacher says:

Thanks for the video. I hope I can enjoy them as I run half marathon.

tongonwilson says:

The first two colorways are just bad. Cannot get over that random pink by the heel :/

Zan Mocean says:

i do understand the ‘preference’ things but never trust a running shoes review from sneaker reviewer

Kaboose77 says:

I was gonna cop these, but if these are wearing already… I’m gonna catch them on sale.

Jenna F says:

you articulate so well!

Al-Bassam Malabi says:

Nike presto is better than those shoe Jacques . but i like your video

JJ Cornelio says:

is react durable? cause lunar bottoms out pretty easily

3cn3pS says:


InZaneKicks says:

I really like the way you did this video.Always a plus when pros and cons can be shared especially the cons.Adds integrity to the review.

Zombie Batman says:

Nike’s kinda garbage now a days honestly. They’re the apple of sneakers. They don’t really push tech forward but the things they’ve done for decades work really well.
“Pretty. But dumb”

Noah Gaudreau says:

Are you going to do an unboxing of the pg2 PlayStations when they come out

Michael Lauw says:

hello great review ! if i am a size 10 in the nike flyknit racer, should i go for a size 10 in these?

gfresh247 says:

They look like a Nike version of the Ultraboost

Squ1shyD says:

The wannabe boost is so real here, too little too late. Better off dropping the price of the Vapormax if they want to combat Adidas.

Albert Teng says:

I think boost and everun midsole is better

Kaboose77 says:

I was gonna cop these, but if these are wearing already… I’m gonna catch them on sale.

Ian Cuspinera says:

Maybe React can be at the Bounce level, but nothing can beat Boost.

Danny Delgado says:

Peep Melo at the bottom left at 0:30

Jon Jackson says:

Don’t buy it for running because it is basically a gimmick shoe. That outsole wearing away after 20 miles is a joke. Just seems like Nikes answer to the BOOST trend.

Long Live The King says:

Been waiting for this review since I heard of the shoes release

R3BOUNDS says:

We need a sneaker collection video

포르테 says:


Money Maguire says:

can you do a segment on the new LeBron James 15 Diamond turf what do you think about them

GEMINI 605 says:

You killed it with all of the details. I can say you answered my questions about React. Keep making videos and I will keep liking them.

DefectiveSword says:

React < Boost

jonesishmail2 says:

If you had to compare the sizing to another Nike shoe which one would you compare

Rathanak says:

Some say these look like UB’s, UB’s look like Prestos and these Epic Reacts remind me of an updated version of the Nike Air Flow

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