NIKE EXP X14 SE review as a running shoe. This is part 1 of my “Does it Run” Series. Might do adidas boost NMD or New Balance 247. This series involves taking life style shoes and testing them out to see how adequate they are as running shoes.

*CORRECTION* It has a TPU plate not NYLON.*

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Devin Whittemore says:

On Nike’s website they’re shown as lifestyle shoes bro lol

PlatinumState says:

I like how you tossed that flaming turd off the bridge 😀

TheBowerbird says:

247’s are such an amazingly comfortable casual shoe, but they are awful for actual running! It’s clear they aren’t designed for it. Even jogging across a parking lot is a chore. Don’t torture yourself!

Allen Tulabing says:

It’s not even considered a running shoe in nike website. Looks great though.

Oregon Born says:

I honestly think these are better then reacts in the cushion. Epic reacts are stiff and this react formula to me is better. It feels great walking around

didoma73 says:

who’s wilma?

Edmar Villar says:

Nice review!! I always appreciate the honest to goodness review of your channel.. hopeyou could review Salming brands or Zoot perhaps.. thanks again!! Now i am a fan of yours!!! 😉

Joseph Espinoza says:

I get it that views are great, but being more explicit in explaining these are strictly lifestyle shoes will ease the confusion. Lifestyle shoes should never be considered as a running shoe or training shoe. These sporting companies specialize making casual shoes looking like sporty/running shoes even though they aren’t. A lot of people look to youtube to learn about running and products and being crystal clear about the difference will only help point people in the right direction. Don’t do the people wrong and be overly transparent.

amson yeung says:

Totally agree. Can’t even walk with it.

What I Learned From Cancer says:

I like your honesty

Luis Goudet says:

Men… you are a genius… well done.

BruhGenius says:

I love your videos man keep up the great work


Yessss! the proper send off – should have played Modest Mouse “float on” when it floated down the drain.

Joshua Laboy says:

If only you knew these ARE NOT running shoes and they are lifestyle shoes INSPIRED BY THE ZOOMFLY RUNNER. Learn your stuff before you have people watching your videos n being wrongly informed.

Baltsu says:

Yeah. Never buy shoes for running that ain’t running shoes 🙂

Dominik Kinimod says:

This is NOT a running shoe!

Pao R says:

Good to know the React is not nice. I was thinking of ordering it and that was the deciding factor. Thanks Jamie!

Ruben Lam says:

Much appreciation for the review in the rain. One of the elements not a lot of people incorporate when taking about running shoes. Was at a stand still between the epic react and X14. But after hearing the cons. Might just cop me some Epics

Jonathan Delgado-Lopez says:

but this isn’t a running shoe though? why test it as such? its a lifestyle shoe, misleading video.

DreamHorror Janewatanakul says:

Do some review on Nike Legend React please.

Konrad Jakubczak says:

Exp-x14 was never meant to be a running shoe. It is designed to look like a running shoe while being a casual sneaker. I work at NIKE, so you can trust me. Btw EXP stands for EXPERIMENT, and X14 is a code name for React foam used when it was still in the developing stages.

Mini Panini says:

they’re bad? dodged a bullet there,I almost bought these the other day.

kwanlo944 says:

I have nothing else to say……#Jami the GOAT

stuart leal says:

I will disagree! They have a lot of react in the back heel and some on the mid foot! Everyone has different feel to a shoe try these in any retailer to see for yourself. For me personally it’s a cop for a LIFESTYLE SHOE

Yassin VEVO says:

samuel jackson reviewing shoe

ZaTrustedHipster says:

I watched the entire video and in the intro, you say that you’ll review the exp-14 as a running shoe despite the fact that it was designed as a lifestyle sneaker. The advertising clearly states that the shoe was designed for lifestyle purposes.
(Pulled directly from the press release) “The Nike Sportswear EXP-X14 both remembers Nike’s history and pushes the boundaries of lifestyle footwear through the use of numbers and transparent design elements.”

With respect to your “does it run” series, personally, I feel as if the title is rather click-bait-y. It’s not very apparent within the title that the video is intended for concluding whether or not it “runs” but rather that the video reviews the exp-14 solely (hehe) as a running shoe.

W-_-T says:

For $120 hell no.. But for real this is lifestyle shoe especially with the way they are advertising it

CK Yu says:

Please do the vapor street Flyknit

Yulin Huang says:

Just got my JDI pack. I found it softer than my epic react, and it’s slightly wider. Perfect for my feet. Heel support might be lacking. But if striking on mid/fore foot seems OK.

James L. says:

did you return the shoes within 30 days after running in the rain?

Jazz1587 says:

I heard there are Vans running shoes now, can you review those or are they as bad as I’d expect?

JT Townsend says:

Pegasus 35 Turbo Tomorrow July 11,2018 Also on the Nike Running IG

Are we Still doing Phrasing says:

Category name: Mcdonalds Drive thru shoes

MR MEBS says:

8 dislikes wear them as running shoes

Brock Pello says:

These are not runners anyways, they were designed for casual.

MCM says:

speaking of lifestyle shoes what do you think of running in the Iniki Boosts? (I-5943’s)

Hyped Unboxing’s says:

Review the element react 87

Daniel Gonzales says:

Maybe not criticize a shoe for not doing something it’s not suppose to do anyway? I usually like your reviews but this was unnecessary

Danger Russ says:

I knew you’d have to go and get that shoe at the End hahaha!! Just one last word. Not Word to ya Momma… but these really do remind me of an old Wrinkly ball sack at the toe ends no matter how big your toes are you’re never gonna fill them ends in… till the next time folks!!

CookiePuss81 says:

Waiting for the Nike Pegasus Turbo that will have Zoom X in it for my next running shoe . Good review . I have been waiting for one on these .

Edwin chattellon says:

So much drama

david029014 says:

Review nike vapor streets.

류경목 says:

Throw it~ 😀

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