Nike FINALLY Did It! The BEST SNEAKER For Energy Return Is HERE!

This new NIKE SNEAKER has technology most people NEVER Knew existed and if we are going to be frank, it might be the BEST SNEAKER technology they have EVER CREATED.


Cushioning in sneakers has a been a very big deal the last few years and Nike started to shake things up with Nike React. However, before React released, Nike had a little something they were using with their elite athletes called ZoomX. Now, that same technology has been added to the NIKE ZOOM PEGASUS TURBO giving the average consumer the ability to use the same tech marathon winners are using. With a registered energy return of 85%, the NIKE ZOOM PEGASUS TURBO might be the best all-around sneaker you can get in 2018.

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Jimmy Jazz:

Main LENS;
DJI Battery;
Expensive SD CARDS;
Budget SD CARDS;
3rd Camera;

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Josh says:

Ugliest looking shoe ever. Looks like a pediatric shoe. Nike is going to shit

Chamudi Shalabi says:

what about the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%? they have ZoomX too

Danger Russ says:

Do they do these in Triple Black… with a Bright Red Turbo Coloured Racing Stripe?? ALSO Check out MY REVIEW… Without further a Jew!!

Luis Rodriguez says:

So did they give up on the sub 2 mission?

Bryan Schraven says:

idk why they threw a peg upper on them i wish they looked more special

kofuzi says:

so hyped for this shoe

Danger Russ says:

…It’s not JEW is it??


Running long distance is one of the worst things you can do to your body.

Papascrub says:

Dislike because you talk too much like Unbox Therapy. Drives me nuts.

I'm Smorgas says:

I will put these on to try at the store, but based on the bad upper material I can tell I will not buy. Sorry to Nike but the combination of primeknit and boost is just too good to be knocked down by this. Adidas is so close to wining me over for good.

MiracleWarriors says:

I don’t know but it will cannibalize the sales of the Pegasus 35. The Pegasus turbo should have been called Pegasus 35 or it should have a schedule launch for the next year as a Pegasus 36.
Also a lot people will see Zoom X written in the middle and assume the Turbo really have the carbon plate inside.

Ryan Maloney says:

Was hoping to get a ‘how they fit compared to the 35s’ they look flyknit racer narrow

Foo Jweinat says:

hate the stripe other wise dope

Lance N. says:


BBB says:

What’s wrong with him this video? He’s like jittery and swaying all over the place. Is he drunk or high?

Jonathan McCardell says:

The most ultraboost Nike yet!

Akratic says:

Nike developed ZoomX in house with their own engineers. Adidas is paying BASF to use Boost, which is why you see companies like Puma and Saucony using similar tpu midsoles. This is why the swoosh is the top innovator in the sneaker game.

Weed Man says:

Dose it got the carbon fiber in it ?

Ray Dargis says:

They look dope as hell, looks like I’m going to have to take a closer look at these

Tim Desmana says:

still below boost, nike is 90%marketing 10%inovation

Alex Meza says:

Anyone think that these would be good for jump roping and any recommendations for Nike shoes that might be good for jump roping

Tim Power says:

Most normal people have no idea how much symbolism is in these drops.. orange box/orange =33 in Gematria.
Nike has the Saturn ring symbol as their logo, Saturn keeper of time, Folks that worship the god of Saturn worship El (keeper of time) their known as El-ites..
And this shoe has been reserved previously to the “elites”…

Look I get it, it’s a shoe… just know none of these things just happen, and the occult worshiping elites control these companies in many ways…

Anyway, enjoy your run

bao kkao says:

Nike does not want to share? U are so full shits!

Sezetcik says:

Wait weren’t these coming in august?

r g says:

Finally something that competes with Ultraboost and could actually be better

Preston Tang says:

Too bad he only shows us the shoes and not run and review of it. Shame.

Wazi Mwotaji says:

Is that release date correct? Everywhere is see is saying Aug 2nd?

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