Nike Free RN 2017 Review – Best $100 Running Shoe?

Nike Free RN 2017 Review

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Ian Smith says:

When’s the next q and a

Jaffer Alikhan says:

Josh can you do a what’s in my soccer bag $200 budget for 2017 (current day)?

Antonio tv says:

Do more sneaker videos!

Kris J says:

Hey, Please could you do another review on performance socks, an updated version? Like the Nike grip, trusox and the difference between the hypervenom, mercurial and timepo socks by Nike?

TC10Football says:

The nike free RN flyknit is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, I love them so much!

Byung7 says:

Josh compare it with the Brooks running shoes , Brooks consistently out performs nike  in actual world level competitions I myself runs with the brooks beast  and its amazing cause its gel adapts based on impact and saves the knees and ankles , it was a 5 star runners world  yet again

RazerGames says:

for an iD it’s only 20-40 more

N Stueck says:

Hey Josh I have a school project in which I am researching how soccer has changed overtime. In this project I need to contact an expert, you have been doing videos for a long time so I thought you would have some good knowledge on the topic. My question for you is, what changes have you seen to the game or anything related to it throughout your life?

danielmg Molina Gutierrez says:

like para q haga un sorteo sorteo

frank salazar says:

Doesn’t have boost

orlando natapradja says:

you should do sneakers review, mate!! its perfect on you

Andy Briggs says:

hey Josh, it would be awesome if you could review some of Adidas’s current rugby boot range

Road2theDream ` says:

I like Skechers. What about them?

Vo Trung Truong says:

Does it have Breathability?

Super Saiyan says:

Imagine if Nike done like 4 types for each model for running shoes like they do for football boots with low end to high end models. Do you think it would be a bad idea for companies to do this?

Elliott Mcgaughran says:

anyone who actually runs more than once a week knows just how cancerous the free run rage is. All they are is a overhyped fashion shoe with limited support and stability.

Sereybote Keat says:

Can you do a review on the Nike freerun flyknit version?

John Moriarty says:

3rd comment lets go

memememememememe says:

I got a pair of 2016s for $70 and its my favorite running shoe.

Janiel Fonseca says:

What is a good running model that could potentially be used as a trainer as well?

Levi Ashby says:

I played a few pickup basketball games in a pair and the bottom a piece ripped off and idk how I feel about them now 3 out of 10 but Ik I wasn’t doing what there made for

William Randall says:

Nike running shoes to me aren’t running shoes for distance running. For short sprints on a track they work, but anything longer distance than a 1.5 mile it offers very little support for joints and cushioning in key areas of the foot. This to me is a trainer, and fashion shoe. The heel can give to much and cause slippage while the heel strike happens in the stride.

chung Norris says:

under armour speed foam or this?

ShadowZ 20 says:

Can you make a review on the Nike downshifter 7 trainer?

Marco P. says:

Adidas Boost is way better.

Frank Gómez says:

Can you tell which outta the pure chaos of pure agility have the widest last?


You should run 10k in these and then a pair of shoes strictly used for running(brooks ghost 9 for example) and see if you can tell a difference

Frederik Daniel says:

will you do a video on the new free rn flyknit 2017 please..

Sway C says:

Most NMDs are 130. Worth it.

Odd Gamer says:

have you herd of the the brand pirma it’s a Mexican brand. I haven’t seen any content of them so I was wondering

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