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Nike Free RN FlyKnit 2017 Review! We are back at it again with another Nike Free Running Shoe Review. Although, I’m not sure this years model will make the list for Best Running Shoes 2017. The 2017 Nike Free RN FlyKnit Running Shoes look very similar to last years model, have the same cushioning system and they are crazy lightweight and flexible. Like the Nike Free RN FlyKnit 2016, these new Nike Free running shoes are decently breathable, have good bounce back and okay energy absorption. However, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the 2017 model barefoot since the FlyKnit upper is a little more coarse this year and the new strip around the heel can give you blisters. These Nike running shoes do have better laces (kind of a minor point) and the lockdown is really good. The heel area is also a little taller and they have more of an arch than previous models. That’s really it for these Nike shoes – we like them but would honestly prefer the 2016 model. I don’t think they will make the list for Best Sports Shoes 2017 or even Best Nike Running Shoes 2017. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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João Lyra Araujo says:

I have one of this and love it. ( Im not a runner),
Use it to flight and as casual shoes. Best ever

Certified_Yungz says:

review the 2017 air max running shoes/ nike vapourmax running shoe

Bonson Island says:

It crazy how cheap it is to make shoes and they keep getting more expensive.

BJ Martin says:

I just got these 2017 at Academy for $10.00 off their $129.99, so $119.00. I’ve used minimalist low or no heels before so these felt better than all the other heel shoes they had at the store. A bit tight on the top of the shoe and I’m hoping they will stretch when your feet swell from running moderate to long miles. I agree that the material is a bit course inside and where the eyelets are sewn. That kind of defeats why this shoe was invented in the first place: From studies of Stanford barefoot runners. Kind of lame that they did some studies on these runners and then screw it up, could have saved money if you spent on any study is my honest opinion. Must have been mostly marketing scam and saying you did a study.

For my shoe I did the parallel lacing, skipping a few socket and it feels so nice now. Also, will do no socks.

CheapAssReviews says:

I just broke two hour marathon mark in these shoes. Watched a marathon for over two hours

Hassaan Tauseef says:

I have started running in them, feel quite comfortable

Riddhin Mekangadde says:

hey Riz can u pls do a vid on the 2017 flyknit motion??

Sumit says:

Can you provide the review of nike lunarstelos running shoes???

Darius Ysais says:

Where did you get your hat from!?

thebman712 says:

i actually wear my nike free rn motion flynit exclusively for running. i have always liked nike free 3.0 as runners and now i got the motions as my new running shoe. i like it as one, and while i havent ran over 10 miles in them, i think i could easily run more.

dgojov says:

Hi guys! Could you please do a review of the newtons motion 6? It is usually very hard to find reviews from those running shoes!

Daniel says:

early squad where you at

Michael Chan says:

Has anyone ever said that you look like Kevin Love? Also, review the Adidas Alphabounce.

Evit John says:

Which Nike Flyknit shoe do you prefer amongst them all in terms of durability?

Ranjit Singh says:

I have the 2016 flys for my marathon… is it a mistake? or should i look elsewhere for shoes?

Puertolico Pico says:

just got a pair of last year’s for 33 bucks

Fei Cf says:

Very nice shoes, where can I order ?what is your contact WhatsApp number?

Edwin chattellon says:

Can you do a review of the flyknit racer? From a runners perspective. There are almost none…… just unboxings

hari murali says:

Which is better nike lunarepic vs nike free rn ………?????

Sara Andersson says:

Could you do some reviews of good sandals? chacos, tevas and so on. thank you!

Jake Finnegan says:

How can you say they aren’t running shoes? They’re great running shoes.

Kyle Lansfield says:

Another quality review mate

TheATDizzle says:

And that hat haha? Where’d you get it!

Totem says:

Almost 200k

amclellan84 says:

How can Nike running shoes at £100 not be running shoes. Humm.

Fruit Pie says:

You have the best reviews !

hari murali says:

nike free RN long-lasting…………..????????

omar waleed says:

Fitbit flex 2 or vivofit 3

Josue Nieves says:

great review as always, but I wanna know where that shirt came from!

RicJParis says:

They are sure a good looking pair of nikes!

alejandro cruz says:

buen diseño, pero sinceramente no gastaría tanto en ese modelo, siento que otras marcas tienen mejores diseños para carreras livianas… buen vídeo, saludos desde Cancún!

Sergei Rachmaninov says:

Sooo comfortable

Andrew Alexander says:

Have u tried out the nike flyknit rn motion 2017 with velcro strap? How about running in them?

james stockman says:

Can we have a Hoka one one clifton 3 review please?

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