Nike Free x Metcon Review — A Comfier Training Shoe?

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The Nike Free x Metcon is a new iteration of Nike’s popular Metcon line, which is designed with the functional fitness and CrossFit athlete in mind. We got an early release of the Nike Free x Metcon trainer and put them to the test.

We’ve tested numerous functional fitness training shoes before, from NOBULL’s trainers to the latest in Reebok’s Nano series. So we’ve got a background in assessing how these shoes hold up and feel under tough in-the-gym conditions.

Of course, Nike’s Free x Metcon blends aspects of a training shoe and general wear shoe for what they hope is a blend of function and comfort.

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What did we think of the Nike Free x Metcons (also known as the Nike Metcon Free)? Let’s start with the basics: These shoes have come a LONG way since Nike’s first Metcon model was tested in 2014 and released in 2015. Since then, the shoe has evolved to its current Nike Metcon 4 iteration. Now, Nike is blending aspects of their popular cross training shoes with traditional components of sneakers and tennis shoes for maximal comfort.

(How do the Nike Metcon 4s and DSX Flyknit compare? We compared and contrasted those two models here:

Is the Nike Free x Metcon a good compromise between those two camps? This shoe is a single bootie, so there’s no additional tongue, which creates a close feel on the foot and connects the wearer pretty directly to the shoe’s composite plastic outsole portions.

Check out the link above for our full review, where we assess how the shoe holds up to front squats, Olympic lifts, deadlifts, box jumps, and more. With a cross training shoe, the design needs to balance stability and flexibility for a variety of movements. You want a stable base for catching heavy weight and squatting, but it shouldn’t restrict your movement in a flexed position for things like burpees and split jerks. We tested the Nike Free x Metcon’s ability to perform under both types of circumstances.

And make sure to look for Nike Free x Metcon + BarBend in your favorite search engine for more info on the release and color schemes for the Nike Free x. How does it compare to the Nike Metcon 4 or Nike Metcon DSX Flynit? We’ve got those answers (and more) in our round-the-clock training shoe and sneaker coverage!

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Abhinav Kanwar says:

Thanks for the great review dude. I love this shoe so much but I want a running shoe. Do you think this can be used for daily running?

Ashley Bertson says:

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J Chase says:

Great review. When talking about the upper material, did you mean Flyknit? I ask because the lace loops actually are the Flywire. In most Nikes, they run from the lace loops all around the sides and bottom of the foot for lockdown.

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