NIKE Janoski Shoe Review Session – USA Edition

Nike’s Janoski are a popular skate shoe. To spice things up and celebrate America’s Independence, RIDE’s show reviewer, Christian Flores, picked up an American flag Janoski colorway to session and review. Happy Fourth of July!

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Pitiya Lodo says:

Janoski for life

Dmitry Barchenkov says:

vans style 112 pro

Mychal Redoblado says:

Marana michelin

pushp raaj says:

Please do the vans Gilbert crockett 2 pro

Fidget Spinner says:

Adidas Dorado ADV
Emerica Wino G6
HUF Hupper 2 lo
Lakai Griffin XLK
Vans Style 112 Pro
Vans UltraRange Pro
Adidas Matchcourt Slip

Bongop2302 says:

Pls try the adidas matchcourt

Julian Fasold says:

Do grant taylors

Kyle Adams says:

Skate any pair of Strayes next

FifthGear says:

Do the new Reynolds G6. Or the Jameson XT. Or the new eS SLB 97. Or the DC Tiago Lemos Pro. Just anything recent really. DC Astor S, DC Plaza, Etnies Helix, Emerica Empire G6, Vans Gilber Crockett 2.

Vic Mik says:

Do Crocs next

FoolBox says:


Sohum Gosangi says:

Do vans ultra range pro

Euan Gallant says:

Do me a flavour n’ review the Reynolds G6’s

Jose Martinez says:

Try a soccer shoe called adidas sambas it has a good sole plate and a good lace protection

Ape Salvador says:

Any diamond supply shoes ^^

Efonicks says:

Vans style 112

KevinSunar Production says:

Please do a review on converse one start

Martha Avila-Garcia says:


Samu Pessi says:

Could you do new balance shoes review?

Jesse Whitfield says:

Do the vans toe cap

Awsome Daddy Man says:

Review the emerica figgy shoe

Daniel Blagoev says:

plz review servant loiters lx

Bryan Mejia says:

Yeah America

Pokemon Marvel And all game reviews says:

I got mine for $30 (Australian) at a Nike outlet

paul wenzel says:

You already know he went wrong when got the canvas

Decimal Drake says:

Vans collab thrasher slip on

Aron Mahigab says:

Review Emerica Figueroa

cristian gutierrez says:

Es accel slim

diskpown says:

new balance numeric 345

Lucas Ruiz says:

Do the vans authentic pros next

xXawesomesauceXx says:


Ricardo Limon says:

Do Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel

thekirbywit2tails Maestre says:

You are the best skater ever

Sohum Gosangi says:

Do shoe goo review

FifthGear says:

Since I know you like cupsole shoes with more support and padding, have you thought about reviewing some of those big puffy old school models that some companies still make? I highly suggest you try out DVS, they have the best designs in my opinion. Those highly padded puffy shoes aren’t even on the “skate” category on their site but rather under “action”. Check them out I really like the Tycho and the Enduro X with those air pockets for better impact protection. Other brands that still make similar models (as far as I know) are Globe, DC and eS. Globe even reissued their Rodney Mullen RMS3 shoe, but that thing is just way too big imo.

Cheyenne Cadwell says:

Nike sb bruin hyper feel PLEASE!

Nazreen Shah says:

Do review on vans era

Kray Kray says:

Skate the osiris d3 that shit is built like a tank

Francisco Martins says:

Do the ADIDAS SAMBA ADV please

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