Nike Koston 3 Hyperfeel Shoe Review & Wear Test

Eric Koston’s latest Nike model is unlike skateboard shoe ever. Designed as a “warmup shoe,” the Koston 3 if full of features that keep it lightweight and incredibly responsive. Does the shoe live up to the hype? Christian Flores skates and reviews the Koston 3’s to find out.

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Ryan Hendricks says:

Them jawns ugly af. 150? Fuck off Koston you overrated douche.

Aiman Yusof says:

Emerica wino g6 plssssssss

Jazzy batt football says:

im sorry but for $150 DOLLARS THEY LOOK SO UGLY

NuggyJugz says:

saw these at the Nike outlet in black for 60 bucks.. im going back asap

just another person says:

they look cool i guess but i dont get the sock part bro

Ben Dover says:

A hundred and what!? Filly Dollars

Robert Gutierrez says:

Do you have to wear socks with this shoe ?

Jo Hoem says:

I got mine for 63 dollars and the are fucking amaznig

FreekshowSkateBoards says:

Adidas gazelle!!!!!!!

Dean.o says:

Plz do huf galaxy

Brotato Chips says:

Lakai griffins!!!

Gallopingfish says:

that zoom unit is so small wtf lmaoooo

theNightOwl1020 says:

They are like superfly or hypervenom or maristas!! Indoor soccer shoes

musicghost1 says:

Are good for rainy days?

gatesneko says:

What’s with the sock? What’s the name of it?

Joe Chong says:

wtf is a warm up shoe? give me a fucking break

that emo boy who stole ya gal says:

Reason I want them.
I won’t have to wear socks

Sebastian Fern says:

I got the blue and yellow ones at the Nike outlet for $55

Chrizly says:

I got these on an outlet for 30€

Stanley smith says:

Aaaaaaaaah yes no socks anymore

Derek Martinez says:

Do the vans ultra range pros please

Asier Etxearte Garcia says:

great video! just try to vocalize a little more when you speak. Keep up with the good work!

Noah Frye says:

Test out Jordan 1s someone told me they skate good

Zebak678 Zebak8901 says:

try the pony shoes

Indigo Mercy says:

I have a pair of these I got off offer up for $40 brand new and I skated the shit out of them and people at my skate park look at me so angry like I’m some rich asshole. I can almost taste there jealously

Drian Casas says:

do nike sb janoski hyperfeel

Jabooshky 101 says:

Do you need to wear socks for those?

FreekshowSkateBoards says:

Adidas gazelle!!!!!!!

♛yung Jorga♛ says:

People hate on Nike SB because it’s expensive and a corporation. Well, Nike SB has a lot of top quality products that also look real nice. Some stuff I can say looks ugly, and most would agree, but I never had to question its quality. Love Nike SB!

M3RKULES 187 says:

Smh these look more like basketball shoes

assassisteve MC says:

lmao, these where going for 65€ at my local nike outlet

Matthew C says:

These are super overpriced but look sweet af

Robert Lund says:

shit job !

Steez Mouse says:

Es arc

Seamo Seamo says:

Dope! That amount of wear is surprisingly great!
The price tag is insane though!
I remember growing up in the 90’s & I couldn’t get my folks to buy me a pair of $70 skate shoes that I’d burn through in a month or 2.. we’d use shoe-goo just to make them last longer! And these were also the shoes everyone was wearing when not skating!
So that sucked.. but you’d always be able to spot a skater from across any room by the wear on the Ollie/kick-flip areas…

Angus Carruthers says:

Godamn these look so fuckin stupid holy shit

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