Nike Metcon 3 Review | Best Lifting Shoes?

Squat and deadlift test with my new Nike Metcon 3. Are they the best shoes for weightlifting?
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Michael Millett says:

Impeccable squat form, good job

Rocco Astoria says:

great review I just subed! what town are you in? gonna get these shoes!
greetings from nyc

LifeisaGamble says:

I got the all black ones

sharang rane says:

r they good for running

Paschalis P. says:

Are they good shoes for walking and training? jumps and staff like this?

Rick Boers says:

Hey David! You should read the book on It helped me understand the big picture about life and helped me to better my expirience in life so much by just realising those truths. Maybe you already know it by reading self-improvement books but i recommend it! (Awesome video btw , great work 🙂 ) – Rick

diegos9753 says:

How did the metcons do on bench press?

Bolo Chinasa says:

can I use it on the treadmill? for running also?

T.J. Ruggles says:

camera caught the chick checking you out while you were doing your deadlifts.

Albert says:

nice video! Very informative

rookie tiwaree says:

How are the fit and sizing?

Matthew Berg says:

lol you’re weak af

George Street says:

Of course they’re not squishy.

Nathanael Canesa says:

Girlfriend bought me one havent used it yet hahaa

VNDC TV says:

Hahahha that car part is hilarious. It’s that typical slammed car video thing going on. Too funny

AlphaLeetGaming says:

I bought the gummy bottoms+ lime green n the 2 greys

Dee Thompkins says:

nice video not sold on the shoes though… sorry bro just not my style

D4Doom says:

Metcons are CrossFit shoes. No cheesey branding thankfully.

Cheen Yong Tan says:

converse or nike metcon?

prints8 says:

that girl was definitley Mirin while you were deadlifting

eliv29 says:

HI Metcon are great shoes if you don’t like to wear lifters. when doing Deadlifts go barefoot if you can cause you wanna connect with the ground.
if you want give it a try 🙂

adam bauer says:

Hi. Just subbed (:

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