Today I’m reviewing the Nike Odyssey React! The Odyssey React is the more budget minded version of Nike’s Epic React. The Odyssey features a full React midsole and outsole. The Nike Odyssey React cuts costs by removing the Flyknit upper in favor of a cheaper mesh construction. Check out my review to learn more!

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Jamison Michael says:

Oh I like me some Nike.

Benjamin Buehrer says:

Great vid…did you get the adidas Kamanda?

Iamjcamacho Jwyanza says:

It’s flyknit or nothing lol. I’m sure it’s a great running shoe but I prefer not to be constricted.

Tony says:

Can’t wait till you hit 200K subs bro!

Madeleine Andersson says:

You can never go wrong with a red shoe

Josh Lewis says:

why do you blink so slow?

PioneerBlue says:

Good video, but you didn’t talk about the stability advantages much. Feel like that and durability are the two big selling points of this shoe over the ER. Otherwise, thanks for reviewing this one

Jared Coronado says:

So this is basically a Nike version of the ultra boost

gamecombo combat says:

Air jordan is giving away shoes , Get it

NewYork says:

I stand over 12 hours for work and boost has saved my life

Omar Wenceslao says:

These look better.

Madeleine Andersson says:

Adidas is still better that Nike

The Real MVP says:

I prefer the look of this over the epic react, am I the only one?

Franz Zamora says:

Hey Seth what do you think about the revealed new colorways of the Nike Off-White Presto?

DEATH says:

I prefer this than the epic reacts for some reason

Baltsu says:

In my opinion when you compare those models the price is not the main issue. Odyssey has always been one of Nike’s stability versions. So if you overpronate it gives you more support. Especially because the more traditional upper is more stable. In addition to that outsole has more rubber like you mentioned. I think that the Odyssey React is quite close to the Peg 34. Maybe a “lighter” Peg for long runs on asphalt. I like the Odyssey React a lot and that is a nice colorway.

יובל says:


Ugandan Knuckles says:

I NEED HELP: Hyperdunk Off-white or Dame 4 Bape??
I need new ones.Ty:))

Manuel L says:

I’ll stick with my epic reacts but these might be a good option for work

Jose Espinosa says:

I actually like these better than the epic react.

Jase Aden says:

“A budget friendly version”
It’s literally a 30 dollar difference

Kodiak Cleveland says:

Looks like a decent pair of running shoes

Josh Jugo says:

Pls do a review of the Nike vapor street react

lunatrics says:

odyssee look way better than the epics

EqualsPro says:

Colorway is trash

rsubzero15 says:

I like this color way. I’m also a big fan of booty

Jay Liu says:

I bought 2 pairs, I can’t recommend the design of the soles. The material is wonderful and I think works much better than Boost, but the actual perceived stack height difference is really bad in my opinion. There’s too much support at the heel and too little at the forefoot area. What this does is essentially training people to heel strike. Some might say this is not important, but for me, I was getting knee pain and upper back pain in less than 5 miles.

Having your body tilted forward places a tremendous amount of strain on the knees whether you walk or run, the body also leans back unnaturally to account for the forward tilt. It’s really unfortunate, I love react foam but the design is simply ridiculous. I need something more “flat” with a gentle raise near the arch and heels. If you have okay knees you might not feel the damage until it’s too late, for those already having problems, you’re going to feel it quick.

Nawar Aldabi says:

Do more budget stuf like the nike winflo 4 and adidas swift run

Dudu ARG12 says:

You make the bests reviews on youtube

SethAtkinson says:

You’re an awesome content creator. Keep grinding Seth

Jed Wells says:


Jose Trevino says:

The new Clima UltraBOOST in grey is dope, they reminded me of the grey epic REACT shoes I bought except they didn’t have manufacture defects.

Verti Dirty Birty says:


IdontcareUA New0919 says:

I still perfer boost but im pretty sure it is still a good comfort shoe though might try it out lol

nuggit boy says:

PLEASE do a review of the 2018 airmax 93 dusty cactus

GYJoe says:

Good color.

Chris Garcia says:

In my opinion they look better than the epic react

Mambutu O'Malley says:

They are lightyears ahead of Ultra Boosts imo. They just fit and feel perfect.

Horhok Lim says:

Please do a review on Nike rn flyknit 2018

Berkeley Davenport says:

I just picked up the triple black Odysseys and really like them!! I was gonna get the black epics with the blue accents and black out the blue parts. But now I can save $30 and get a real triple black shoe that still has the react sole. Plus the sole is black so I don’t have to worry about it looking bad after a couple of runs.

Andrew Parker says:

A review of a running shoe that doesn’t cover what it’s like to run in. Pretty worthless IMO.

outOftheBOX says:

can we have some PUMA!!!!!

Rylee Vidal says:

Dude, where is your PUMA RS-0 review????????

niel546 says:

It only needs a half a year to be on sale on the outlet store

Tommy G says:

I don’t think $120 should really be considered the cheap alternative to $150. If I’m gonna spend $120 on a React sneaker I might as well spend $150 to get the full experience.

2k Snipe King says:

Hi. Man just watched one of your old videos when you had 3,300 subs very inspirational too see how you grew. Out of curiosity I was wondering what was the turning point how did you grow so fast. Do you have any tips for me and your other subscribers. Thanks

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