Nike Paul George 1 (PG1) Performance Review!

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Kevin La

Shot by: Emily Chan –
Edited by: Davey Chin –


Hekxcz says:

hey nelson, is youtube your full-time job?

Paul To says:

Yo I got wide feet is this shoe still good for me?


Funny how they claim to have sold only”12K” but everybody on YouTube seems to have a pair

Dan Lins says:

should i get these to hoop in

Rice gum says:

Why at 6:56 he said, “It also have a fully booty construction.”

uncle drew says:

curry 2 or PG1

Jack Wilkinson on the cam says:

im in london where can i get these

Starcraft2Union says:

I put this into my calculator…. 95 / 10 is equal 9.5 mukter says:

Its good for rubber of game basketball?
No parquet

Tony Mac says:

I lost 135k this year. I need some life support.

Mike Lee says:

amazing shoe but damn it’s hard to find! at least here in Toronto. I happened to spot a size 10 at a footlocker today. last one anywhere. it’s a 0.5 too small but i really want it to break in and work, because like you guys said, i agree these are the best performers out there right now.

Kurokage says:

What’s dunking like in these shoes?

alan miao says:

Will an ankle brace fit well while wearing these shoes? I have tried the lebron 13’s and they do not fit if I wear an ankle brace.

Romeo 511 says:

Anyone know any good shoes for guard /forward I like to take the mid range and slash in paint

Hoop And Life says:


TheTrueffellp says:

i like you but your performance reviews arent the best. you say the traction is A1 on these but say the hardens are bad ….rly

Jayden Mac says:

Guys Kyrie 3 or PG1

Charles Jones II says:

Why does Paul George shoe have purple in the colorway?And thats not part of the pacers color.

Question: Who is The US Government - Answer: They Train, Arm and Finance Terrorist Groups? says:

So now theses athletes are going to start turning shoes into memorial billboards with hidden numbers throughout the shoe. THAT SHIT IS WHACK………

Howard Elite Basketball says:

Nice video Brody!!!!!!!

kit ho says:

If PG1 vs kyrie 3 vs dame 3 . Which better ?

kyle chico says:

14 mins video fuck this shit.fucking corny intro.the same line every video “the best performance shoe” half of the video talking non sense shit.

慕斯 Needamic says:

pg1= Lebron 14 bottom + KD 9 top

chrisbevill says:

Are these good outdoor shoes

Muhammad Lubid says:

Dont forget the D-Lillard 2s! No one can beat 105!

Joshua Lee says:

kobe 11 or pg1? I’ve narrowed it down to those 2

GravityGamingTM Xbox&More! says:

Who thinks when they see these soilder 10 low

Leviathan YT says:

Wait, hold on. Did you say you didn’t love the traction because it does *not* squeak? Lol

Daniel Gime says:

Kevin Lav

Aliou Irving says:

I Double Sock When I Play.. Do I Go A Half Size Up On These?

Tyson Doodles says:

Pg 1 or kyrie 3

trebledc says:

if they can make a high cut version I would buy one.

ethan williams says:

Aye I got the same area code of PG

killer_B says:

Man appreciate ur reviews everytime for real. I’m really wondering differences between Jordan superfly 5 and 5 P.O(I know u already reviewed superfly 5). so
I request your opinions about ‘Jordan superfly 5 P.O’ plz. thank you in advance mate.

method526 says:

how long have y’all had the shoes for? at 6:30, it looks like the logo is coming apart…

Igor Kohsin says:

Are this shoes good for outdoors? i’m wondering, i really like how they look..

Vincent Sarandi says:

80% kickgenius

slingshotx says:

which is better pg1’s or kyrie3’s?

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