NIKE PEGASUS 34 SHIELD REVIEW (Water Resistant Running Shoe)


Nike Pegasus 34 Shield review. fast, responsive shoe, good running shoe road & light trails. Not as expensive as the Vaporfly or Zoom fly

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Maxthecat123 says:

i just ordered mine, i will use on treadmill. If it works great I will order another pair just for daily power walking, and walking around town

IFebz says:

Hey Jamison great vid like always! Why don’t you make a series about races? e.g. how to train properly for 5k or 10k and what are good times to stay in for a good performance. Keep it up!

Jonathan Tan says:


Jaime Olivares says:

101 likes and no dislikes so far… you can tell you’re good at what you’re doing !!

Henrik Linnarsson says:

Will we see a review of the Adidas am4ldn or am4par maybe? 🙂

PusdienlaikaŠovs says:

She has a terrible stride

Sascha Robitzki says:

Does the upper run hotter compared to the regular mesh?

Sawyer Doubman says:

I bought this shoe because of you

Derrick Johnson says:

Good review as per usual. I usually run in the Kinvara 8 or the ride 10. Could l run distances from 3 miles up to 13 in these?

dale morgan says:

Bought these banged out a couple of half marathons in them and they are sweet, one thing Jameson did not mention is that they got a sticky grip on the on the bottom of them which helps with extra traction in icy conditions

Joseph Broussard says:

Forget the Vapormax, I’m Getting the Nike Pegasus 34 Shield. This review convinced me, thanks Jamison Michael.

Dani del Real says:

Well edited. What’s “sloppy joe entertainment.”?

Matthew Low says:


Mario luis Bonoan says:


Just a little advise
If you are running at night.
Stop wearing dark colours of clothing ! Stop wearing black or grey.
Damnit wear something eye popping like pink or tennis ball green.
What’s the point of purchasing triple black running shoe? Wearing a black cap?
None of those are easy to see at night

Thomas Clifford says:

Please if you are going to be reviewing running shoes get someone who can like ‘run’ if you get what I mean thanks

lrojas says:


cheesetits94 says:

Nice nice review bro. Thank you.

MnKeByTe says:

hey Jamison! great video! Is this shoe good for winter running? If not, any suggestions?

Maceshank says:


Jamison Michael says:

SO what do you guys want to see next ?!? Thanksgiving Break is coming up which means I’ll have more time to create more nonsense!

1. Saucony Liberty
2. Saucony Triumph ISO 4
3. Asics Nimbus 20
4. Why I hate/Love Adidas or BROOKS

I will be posting some Running tips vids next week, and maybe some fun reviews that are not SHOES.

Βαλεντινος Τσελιος says:

Unfortunately it keeps the heat inside the shoe, making my feet sweat excessively during even my small runs. So when it comes to the Nike pegasus 34 shield, i Dont approve.

Michael Chan says:

Dang. These shoes look pretty nice.


I’m back again! Opinion on Nike free RN?? Thanks if you respond again

Shoe Science Cleaning says:

Jamison could I have some tips I’m running a 5k on thanksgiving I’m trying to improve my time my average is time is 28:00 can I also have a shout out

AJ Valle says:


ToxicGamplays says:


rami rizk says:

Hey jami big fan of your reviews i wanna ask u i m heavyweight and moderate overpronate so i was thinking about ultraboost st i wanna know ur opinion and if there abetter option especially with impact absorption and stability thanks in advance

FearUrDemise says:

They look fresh too lol

holgaholic says:

maybe you can add a link on where to get them. great content btw!

The Juice says:

Damn these shoes look really cool. Id love to wear them for my runs. Great video Bro. It’s a pleasure connecting with a fellow YouTuber on social media.

Justin Xie says:

Been waiting on this review since I saw it was coming up. Great review! 🙂

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