NIKE PEGASUS 35 SHIELD REVIEW | Water Resistant Running Shoe

Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield review. fast, responsive shoe, good cold weather running shoe. Not as expensive as the Vaporfly or Zoom fly

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Angel Martin says:

Dynaflyte 3s

Christian Baumann says:

she’s doing heelstrikes … I just noticed

B. Celtics says:

I see KOBE on the outsole XDXD

mikes1929 says:

Did those laces stay tight the whole run? I’ve never had good experiences with “speed lacing” systems.

Ximena Cuccia says:


FTStratLP says:

Thank you for another excellent, straight to the point review. Since I’m lightweight this shoe is much too heavy for me, actually even the standard Pegasus 35 is.

Thitsa says:

gj nice review as always. I think that u should show the reflective details in dark of all the shoes that u reviewing.

James Ambrocio says:

Saw an ad before the start of the video. Good for you, jami.

Damian Daniels says:

had last year’s shield pegs and they were great in the winter too. I think they’re meant to be warmer too .. that’s why they release them in the late fall. can’t wait to try them.

George Victory says:

Great review. Keep up the good work man:)

Michael Padilla says:

This colorway would look nice on the regular Peg 35 too.

Derrick Johnson says:

Very impressive video. On the next level with the drone usage.

alex vorabouth says:

I live in souther cali, where it never rains, but I NEED these shoes. They look so fresh, so clean.

Are we Still doing Phrasing says:

Okay that night footage with the shoe was lit. Ba dum tsss

Jonathan W says:

Do you think these would be good on day to day michigan snow?

The Moon Babies says:

Corgi on sidewalk 2:57

firebirdx01 says:

The night reflectives are cool.

Yen says:

Would be great if you could make a review of the Nike winflo 5

MK Uis says:

great review man, luv ur vids!

Tom Jones says:

130 bucks for third world made crap!

Gustavo says:

Do you think this upper would be too hot to use in summer days? not even running, just walking. I’m interested in the Odyssey react shield and I was thinking about making it my one travel shoe for walking and sneaking a few runs in.

TF XC Running Shoe Reviews says:

Great review and great cinematography! I’m debating trying either the Odyssey or Structure shield.

The Muñoz 4Pack says:

Can you do the free run 2018 shield?

michael dennis says:

My man still grinding.
Keep it up, just a matter of time.

Daniel Lin says:

Jami looks different…

cristianfcao says:

That’s one nicely looking shoe! A strange mix of classy and futuristic design…
I don’t like the model you are using in 3:52; but there’s a black and grey model that looks amazing.

Ted Forsström Jacobsson says:

Your becoming a pretty great cinematographer man. That shallow depth of field, gimbal running, warp stabilization, awesome job!
Also- do you sometimes pretend you’re Kofuzi when you run in puddles? I sure as hell do:)

arthur torres says:

Could you do a review on the puma hybrid runner

yo says:

Thanks, definitely will try them out

tobradex says:

Hi man, thanks for the informative video. Wanted to ask you: I’m going to Patagonia and expect of course very variable weather conditions (but still summerish). Would you recommend this shoes? Are they really waterproof and reliable in adverse conditions? Or do you think it’s better to buy a true trail running shoe, perhaps with a gtx coating? Thanks in advance!

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