Nike PG1 Performance Review

Hey Guys! Here is a performance review on the Nike PG1.

Performance Scores:

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Nigga6996 says:

Nightwing2303, I love your videos and keep up the good work!! Greetings from Norway.

Are the Nike PG1 as snug as the D Rose 7?

Efrain Nevarez says:

These or the ZOOM Live? Seems like a worthy comparison.

Geo Sebastian says:


YaBoiTGForce says:

I have the Ferocitys

Sean Eric Sarmiento says:

ugly shoes! Great vid btw!

kol182 says:

These or Dame 3??? Help guys…

Aaron Baffour says:

dude Nightwing what happens I remember you had 400,000 subs!!

Neeks 541 says:

would you get either the dame 3 or the pg 1? which one is better in your opinion? love your videos bro!

Ben Tuck says:

im a 7 on things like sock darts and the air presto fly knit, and i am still “growing” so would you reccomend a 7 or a 7.5/8? I work really hard for my money and dont get paid much because im young and dont want to possibly waste money!

Anthony Kaser says:

I copped the navy colorway

erick magno says:

I just wanna see a close-up of that Voltron figure! and more info on where to get it!

Pensive Ruin says:

Kd9 Lebron 14 and now these all the same shoes different price

Kadyn Geddes says:

Is outdoor use for the PG1 recommended or na?

Peakskater says:

I got these and I’ve had them for about 3 weeks only balled in them inside and the mesh on the toe is ripping and the Nike logo on the leather is starting to peel off

Jesus Lucero says:

Where’d you get the tee? Looks clean

Ken Ken says:

the strap helps the fit right? so even if im a wode footer i can go true to size , i just have to loosen the strap a little but am i right?

NAGL 14 says:

is the rubber hard??

DemAnklesBroke says:


F0rbidden Wolf says:

Do these shoes squeak while playing? If not the should the rubber pair squeak?

sneaker kid says:

check out my airmax 2017 review guys

Manuel Merino says:

would you recommend these for people with a high arch foot?

Slip_ says:

pg1’s or kyrie 3’s?

Shotz Fired says:

pg1 or kyrie 3 for outdoors?

Nick N says:

Hey NW, does the pull tab on the heel on this shoe (or any shoe in particular) digs into your foot? Or do you notice them when wearing it?

chubby chaser says:

These are sooo fresh

Saintz920 says:

Do KD9 elite please

Boost4Life says:

Is the cushion softer than Kyrie’s?

Das Moves says:

Do you prefer the PG1’s over the Kyrie 3’s?

Blob Poop says:

Can anyone help should I get these or d lillard 3s I play normally outdoors

Jason Jones says:

nice shoes where can you get them now

demonpanda 357 says:

Yo what should I get alphabounce or kobe 9

Harshit Chawla says:

Good for outdoors?

DumbleDerp says:

What shoe has a cushion setup where you feel the zoom but it dosent really sink

kamandoy 25 says:

how’s the zoom in this?

Optic Cheep Cheep says:

These or the kyrie3

Dexter Oraa says:

Thanks for the review nightwing2303!

Ryan Domingo says:

im getting new pairs of bball shoes and im deciding which one is better the harden 1’s or Pg1

Marvin Alvarado says:

If I wear a size 9 in KD 9’s what should I get in these.

Theo Taky says:

Dope review fam

Shammgod Santiago says:

I was gonna get these but i got my hands on some Grey DLillard 2s for 75 bucks.

jorge estrada says:

Yo or Jahronmon should do some type of performance reviews on several basketball socks! You cant really try socks on without buying them and i don’t know anywhere online that does that kind of thing (Various new Nike elite models, stance nba, adidas, etc.)

Nic Velasquez says:

as a 120 lbs who wears 9.5 i can definitely feel the zoom

God Clutch says:

PG1 or Kyrie 3?

aGAPe116 says:

PG1s or rare metal thunders? (Brandblack is hella slept on IMO)

dragan rakic says:

thank you man for all your videos….best critics and presentation always

Jpbvlogs says:

Nightwing2303 can I use this outside

bluesfear says:

this or the adidas crazy explosives?

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