Nike PG1 Performance Review

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The incredibly kind people at NBA 2K sent me the NBA 2K colorway of the upcoming Nike PG1. Watch me put them to the test during this performance review. I also talk about the Paul George’s first shoe because there are some nice Paul George details happening. He loves fishing and this shoe makes that clear. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

-Brad Hall


Chuck La Vallee says:

what the fuck is this voice

sup2239 says:

what the actual fuck ***NERD ALERT****

Clorox Bleach says:

Bradley I see you using your pivit hand

Sneaker GOATS says:

You should do asmr

Bum Boy Gaming says:

I have a real hard time putting on pgs, someone help

Calvin Motilal says:

Dont do drugs kids!!

Keanne Zapanta says:

smh he looks like my granddad 40 years ago

kevon eatmon says:

wtf is this

Dizzzy Tv says:

Brrrrruhhhh I want those so bad man wtf bro why didnt he just release some that color way instead of the lame boring ones

Xd JoKeR says:

Are you stupid you sound bitch and you dress like shit you are trash

Harambe Is bae says:

How much are these


Dude why am I still on this channel where the guy uses his hands in the shoes In a freaking performance review

Haight the Great says:

my girlfriend is mad the board isn’t bigger

GolitePlays says:

Who else got those ASMR tingles from this video?

V A says:

Where can I get this color way?


I thought that was actually a performance review

Ace Flo says:

Is he faking?

Alejandro Lott says:

You should do a collection video

Tristan Triffault says:

do they still count as deadstock if you wear them on your hands?? asking for a friend

Geraud Fenicle says:

watch my video for the blue PGs review

Luke Eichstedt says:

This guys voice is so cool!

Keanne Zapanta says:

damn he looks so dumb but he looks intelligent at the same time

Aleksandar jesen says:

jebem ti mamu bolesnu

Youtube Highlights says:

lol maybe he doesn’t wanna wear them cuz he can’t get em on leo

m.m says:

Are these gonna be available at retail?

Lildude13100 says:


PA Heat says:

Why does this man look like D.C. Heat nerd lol

Eugene says:

Why tf am I Getting Goose Bumps

I Know BasketballTV says:

He never changes he face emotion

Mathew Garduno says:

Thanks for the review I super accurate and amazing detail bro

Dank Glancy says:

those are sexy

Yancy Jasareno says:

WTF did i just watched????

LAsneakerHead says:

i wonder if hes a hypebeast?

Keanne Zapanta says:

bruh does this nigga walk with his hands smh

Justin Pearson says:

Brad I was wondering if you could maybe do a collaboration with asneakerlife

Patrick Mojica says:

why does he wear them in hand ?

Dylan Bauman says:

Most Boring YouTuber on YouTube

Alejandro Lott says:

Anyone know when this color way drops

Danny Fraser says:

How do you get these particular shoes? I love the color of them but can’t find of online anywhere.

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