Hey Guys! Here is our detailed look and review on the upcoming Nike React Element 87 ‘Desert Sand’.

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Enrique Romeo says:

I prefer blue color 🙂

The Moon Babies says:

I feel like I’m the only person who thinks this model looks really cheap and childish, especially in these latest color ways. Can’t get with the hype.

Andy Brown says:

foam soles lame. Gimmie rubber

Melvin Jefferson says:

Just PLUSH…..

Igol Corpuz says:

Great to see some lifestyle shoes being sorted out. But im more leaned on the Janoski bloodline when it comes to lifestyle sneakers. ive experienced 3 different cushions (Airmax, Lunar and Zoom)Lunar and Zoom feels so comfortable and plush as where Airmax feels so low to the ground. Can you advise if this will be in the same level as with Janoski in terms of plush cushion and comfort. Love to hear from you. More power as always @weartesters!

Daniel Fenton says:

My brightness is low so I thought you had a Cell Jr tattooed on your leg for a sec

GreekSneakCollector says:

Very futuristic look!

Anthony Saephan says:

yoo didn’t know you moved out to sacramento! let’s hoop sometime!

Dominic Mazza says:

I thought these were cool then i saw the Pegasus turbos and I’m like these are kinda ugly

William Kim says:

What is your opinion on the new Venom trailer. Do you think the new Venom movie will be great for both comic book fans and the general public?

Wan Asyraf says:

Sometime it look dope,sometime it look weird.Playing with view angle

ecolon217 says:

I find it a little funny how React is still relatively new, and they’re already “paying tribute” to what could’ve been lol

David Johnson says:

I have these as well as the exp-x14’s…I think these (element 87) are amazing. But the exp-x14s are way more comfortable and cheaper, and is also a lifestyle shoe. The element 87 are solely that flashy version of the two lifestyle “react cushion” shoes

Marcos Nasser says:

Great Vid brother, the onfeet images are great. keep it up!

John McDuggle says:

Heya Nightwing, FIrst, I’d like to thank you for posting such great videos,; it’s greatly appreciated!! Two quick comments… It’s GREAT to FINALLY know what the “2303” means!! Secondly, I don’t think you’re too young to remember when “New Release Tuesday” applied to shoes, are you?!?! ( Most of the early Jordan stuff did; so much to the point that kids in my area would skip school to get them!! They later switched release dates to Saturdays…)

Rabarberellum 101 says:

I feel screwed by my self. I had 2 occasions where I could have bought the sail pair for retail and didn’t. To much hype I thought. After hearing your explanation of the shoe I regret it.

RoMee says:

I grew up in Sacramento. Went to Florin High. Good to see someone from there.

jimtroclus says:

You are a cool dude! I wish you were my real life friend, so I can go to you house and take some sneakers every now and then.

Jamison Michael says:

I like these newer color ways.

CasualSundays says:

Do they carry size 15 ?

supertree08 says:

Did not know you live around in Sacramento, which where I’m at too.

Great review, more thorough than others on YouTube. I might skip these color ways until I find a color I really like. I really want the sail color way, but I am not paying $250+ for it.

Have a great night, Nightwing.

clan trending says:


Matthew Le says:

Is it as as comfortable as ultraboost midsole?


I have the sail elements and the OG Epic React in navy. I would say pound-for-pound the Element is slightly more comfortable overall (upper + cushion etc), but I felt the the midsole on the Epic React had a more comfortable ride for longer days. I only felt that the flyknit upper was a little too form-fitting personally. I also went TTS in the Element React and found it to fit perfectly for my neutral foot, so definitely worth trying on. Aesthetically it’s not even close for me, I think the sail colorway of the Element React is an absolute diamond and probably the second best sneaker to drop this year.

MR. B says:

One of the ugliest shoes of the year

Virulent Venom says:

The black version isn’t selling for as much as the sail but it is still pretty expensive. A $160 shoe selling in the $250-300 range.

KotaBro says:

Hahaaha this was probably one of my favorite videos I have seen of yours haha, what is your instagram?

Anthony T says:

Sacramento / elk grove? You moved out of Bay Area?

Marco Lou says:

Hey! New music! 🙂

DUMPTRUCK 77 says:

Mr nightwing Ultra boost or react element 87?

Micheung120 says:

NEED to get a pair, but I’ll wait to see if it’s a GR! Not worth resale to me, haha.

alex segura says:


Pernection says:

160? No damm way

Hectoe Rivera says:

Make a video about the best cushion set ups

Pensive Ruin says:

those sock no

BennyPaddyCake says:

You should review the legend react.

Justin B Thompson says:

dang, Nightwing with the fresh haircut or something of that nature

Horace Pinker says:

best hand talking in the game right here

Jonathan Rad says:

Love my pair but can’t wear these with no-shows since they dig into the back of my foot above my heel. With longer socks they’re fine though.

Tom Hermann says:

Elf shoes…needs some bells on the end…Sheesh. Not my bag I’m afraid.

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