Nike Romaleos 3 Info – First Impressions & Workout!


I’ve had so many questions about the Nike Romaleos 3, that I had to get some info out there before you guys pony up your dolla dolla bills this Friday. This video is long, but I hopefully go over everything that you guys are looking to know about the Romaleos. Expect a full on review ASAP, with comparisons to some of the other top lifting shoes currently out.


Luke Brown says:

just bought a pair online, should be here Friday or Saturday

ers1320 says:

This reinforces that Nike is the shit. It also reinforces how gay crossfit is.

John Smith says:

Does this shoe have arch support, or do weightlifting shoes typically not have arch support?

Kamikaze Gorilla says:

Appreciate the review. Pretty much answered all my questions.

Zero Worries says:

I’m a size 11. But when I buy Nike I need to get a 12 in running shoes. So I’m wondering if I should get a 12.5 or a 12 in Romaleos.

Matt Chow says:

How do these compare size wise and performance to the Adipowers?

Simone Ruffini says:

how about sizing? i use 44.5 for others nike and 44 for converse allstar… the size guide on the nike store seems 46 from my feet lenght. im confused before order

Matt Balok says:

Those look cheap af!

ANUBIS8547 says:

Well, I was gonna watch this and then he does crossfit…. Lort.

Ibby Das says:

Are these better for squatting than the Romaleos 2?

Jason Pham says:

If i’m planning to use it for squat do i need to get them 1/2 size bigger? Also, does the front of the shoes stiff like the Romaleos 2? It seems like when i do calf raise with the Romaleos 2 it feels a bit stiff for me. Thanks!!!!

cole worlde says:

I don’t know man I think the romaleos 2 looks way better…these look like a low top hyper dunks

888Daniiii says:

what are the similarities /differences between the soft and hard insole in terms of comfort, stability and performance ?

Austin Hrossowyc says:

Between the Romaleo 3 and Reebok legacy lifters, which do you prefer for lifting/wods?

GingerKarateKid says:

Great quality review!

abraxis20 says:

They are beautiful!

Roosevelt Nguyen says:

Compare this pair to Reebok Legacy Lifter?

Quickk says:

wtf is this crossfit

MGFitness says:

If I’m an 11.5 in regular Nike shoes, would you recommend sizing .5 up? I know you want Oly shoes semi-fitted, and I’m sure they’ll stretch.. but I have a little wider foot.

Calvin J says:

Did you size down with these? I sized down half a size with my Romaleo 2’s but on their website it says it fits true to size.

Deactivating HAL says:

A question please if possible.

I need a shoe for OHP, Romanian deadlift, conventional deadlift and Squats.
Which shoe would you recommend, I’ve had my eyes on AdiPower, Romaleos 2 and 3, but maybe you would recommend a completely different one:)

In advance thanks

Paul Dangerfield says:

Man, I want this shoe so bad lol I have the Rom 2 and I feel like it’s still a great shoe but I’ve heard too many good things about these shoes now.

TugaMind TK says:

I have seeing your videos and now Im a bit confused because I recently bought romaleos 2 and Im still able to trade them for the 3’s, so should I do it?
I do crossfit and my PR’s are not so heavy…

eric maldonado says:

Love all of you’re videos and reviews!! Keep up the amazing work! I have a question. I’m just looking for a shoe for strictly weight lifting and just some power lifting. But I’m scared to purchase just any shoe. I have a wider foot. Not extremely wide but I was just wondering what shoes would be a good choice for me.

Rohan Elavia says:

Romaleos 3 or AdiPower?

wayne morgan says:

whats your preference between the 2 and the 3?

WhoChrisLiu says:

I wish I found a gym where I could drop weights without fear. I sometimes feel I endanger myself in order to place the weight down softer. All the while paying $ every month for these damn weights anyways. Dress shoes I wear size 10.5 wide. I wonder if even 11’s would be too tight for me.

Kilo Kilos says:

Joel , my damn heel on my Romaleos 3 is coming apart after 1 week of weightlifting dude lol! What a shame…quality so far I’m not too happy bro. I posted this review on Rogue fitness review on the R3..there I posted the pictures of my heel Totally coming apart. That rubber heal is only held on by looks of cheap ass glue! I really hope Rogue will contact Nike about this issue. Not good …

eanielld a says:

for stability and keeping your feet securely in place specifically for oly lifting, do you think the 2s or 3s would be better?

Oben44 says:

Great Review Bro!

Rodrigo Valdez says:

hey! this is my first year in powerlifting and i plan to do this for the rest of high school just because im successful at it. i want to be at the top of my game so i was wondering if you can give me some tips or recommendations on what your favorite shoe or best preformance shoe. thank you for your consideration! awesome vids!

William Carrion says:

Bro…I love your channel.  Every review you’ve made is on point.  Except for this one.  Romaleos 3 are super uncomfortable. they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too narrow. And the arch Oh My God.  Couldn’t wear them for more than a minute.  Getting legacy lifters

Tim Yu says:

respect for actually oly lifting… so many reviews for
OLY lifting shoes when they don’t even oly lift, how the fuk are you
supposed to do a review when you don’t even get the full benefit of what
the shoes were made for, of course they’re gonna feel good for squats… but what about snatch and c/j work… good review man

Sherif Elaasar says:

those look beautiful

Brian Bravo says:

Hey man, these just became available on the nike store in my country, but they dont have my size 24.5cm. I just plan to do Oly lifting and wods on my metcon 3s. should I get a size down 24cm or a size up 25cm? I have a wide foot. thanks for you help man Love your reviews you convinced me to switch to the metcons.

Much love bro.

Thanos Tsokas says:


Chris DChiu says:

is it worth buying the 3s if you have a recently new pair of the 2s

Will Breault says:

How is the weight distribution? Heel dominant? I had a problem with the 2’s, as they pushed me onto my toes because the shoe was too heavy throughout the entire shoe.

Clay Wiley says:

These look WAY better than the 2’s in my opinion. May have to pick some up for squats

Jefferson Mobbs says:

Why do you need lifting shoes to lift plastic weights?

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