Nike Run the One Review

Nike Crusader Performance Test for a quick refresher (both shoes play the same):

If you’re interested in purchasing the Nike Run the One, you can do so here:

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Sam Moreno says:

you and jjones should do a rotation video

TheDunk412 says:

Well, it’s been about a year since this came out and I still don’t know what Tre’s wearing.

Jy 3 says:

I got mine for 56$

Kyle M says:

I gig mine for 70$

Gabriel Mejia says:

Got em today for $45

Anik Debnath says:

I actually got these for $80 at footlocker and if u buy them online it’s cheaper with all the online discounts

Kyle Hickey says:

I think is has zoom in the heel too

The best In the world says:

I have that shoe

Yimar Ruiz Lanzot says:

Best shoe to play ball in

D says:

Should i get these or the nike zoom crusaders?

Danny Ocean says:

Probably the best basketball shoe I have evern worn since the Kobe 8 and its way better than the kobe 8. More cushioning, more elevation, same low top responsiveness. I see NBA players still wearing them in 2017. That one piece upper fits like a glove. The design is so good performance wise, that Harden made all his adidas shoe even the harden 1, with the same design.

Adrian Hall says:

at the 50 second mark travel

special forces says:

Nike zoom run the one and nike Air jet flight are the best shoes Ive ever balled in. Better than the kobe 8 and Jordan 11 low (low tops rule) and i also have both. With the one piece upper (no tongue) Zoom runs are perfect. Its responsive, light, breathable and just great on sharp turna amd pivots. Not stiff hot ans heavy like lebrons shoes and awkward like durants. Its a godsend to guards like me. Performance wise, even i cant believe a harden shoe outperformed the big name brands like lebron kd kyrie and paul george.

Nelson Wu says:

Tre now that it’s been over a year can you show us and tell us what shoe u were wearing in this vid?

Potatoes RL says:

are these shoes okay for running 1 mile?

Janis Jansons says:

I have this shoes they are awsome.I also have 2014 hyperdunks but I like run the one better.

xXRhonHDXx says:

Got mine for $12 lol

Willi nillI says:

Man i got mine on sal for 60


Guys im 6 ft 3 inches tall ,15 years old adn I dont know which shoes I should buy the Nike Run the One or the Nike Performance
PRIME HYPE or any other suggestions. Please answer quick as possible

DanielMarzan says:

anyone have these for sale size 10 us for cheap

BAILEY 25 says:

does the zoom unit pop like unlocked zoom

Jamar Barton says:

been waiting for this 1 keep doing u kickgenius


Guys should i buy nike zoom run the one or
Nike Performance
Nike Performance

WarriorBroz says:
macopop900 says:

Should I get these or the mentality? I play outdoors a lot and sometimes i am indoors but rarely Any recommendation helps.

Mai Tuong says:


Tizz Kidd says:

do u guys play for a college or something??

evkt23 says:

I just bought these in red and bright Crimson for $30!!!!

Justin Henderson says:

He’s ball styles tho

MarClash says:

I played this in Outdoors and i played 2-3 times a week with it. The traction hasn’t really disappeared yet after 7 months of Hooping in these. I dont use it anymore cuz the sole had a crack 🙁

Janice Beauvais says:

you traved so baddley

MrEPIK75 says:

It’s solid basically

Peakskater says:

I’ve seen them at finish line for 50$

nas says:

I have the shoes

Apostle says:

wat shoe is tre wearing it’s been like 2 years so Tre wat shoe u wearing

Old Hong says:

Should I buy nike run the one or kobe mentality

Ryan Deslauriers says:

Or James harden Nike

kevin kao says:

I have a question,
Nike Zoom crusader
Nike Zoom Ron the one
Which one is the best ??

Mike Irving says:

The samples tre had on looked better then the run the ones

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