NIKE SB Bruin Hyperfeel – Shoe Review & Wear Test – Christian Flores

#NotSponsored Starting to do shoe reviews here too!


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I skated these for about a little over a week now and here is what I think…


louierios22 says:

Yes more reviews finally!!!$

Rece zimmeht says:

Review the straye Ventura

Andrew Knutson says:

You should have more subs. Your videos and you are dope. More reviews on your channel would be awesome to push more content and get some deserved subs

Michael Lefkowitz says:

which do u recommend more the dunk lo pro’s or these i cant decide. anyone wanna help me out here?

Tommy Bel says:

It’s be cool to see some weird lookin shoes like the skytops

Your Yoshilooper says:

Do the lakai riley hawk 2s

Alan Skatez says:

I love your videos but I kinda like the other editing style better from the ride channel not saying I don’t like this review I just kind of like the other reviews bc of the editing

W Et says:

290 bucks for a shoe you’re gonna absolutely destroy. Seems reasonable

Javier Teel-Dupree says:

Lowkey how you not sponsored, you deserve to be sponsered. You’re a great skater, you inspire me to skate at 18. By the way I wear a size 8 1/2 to 9 shoe, what board size should I get a 8.125 or 8.25. Also what’s the beat in this video. Alright keep up these honest shoe reviews, hopefully you get sponsored one day.

Theo Maiklem says:

DC Manteca SE

Matthew Vogel says:

what happened to ride?

Basher says:

Please review the shoe made by FP insoles 😀

alfred östberg says:

Please skate the shoe for longer! As of now, we have no clue to how they rip or how long they lasted.

Ricardo Person says:

First time I got the I started skating them a couple hours after it took a while to get use to them and yeah

TheCRAZYESTShow says:

Who the fuck dropped 1dislike why ruin perfection

Almar Amarille says:

yo man try some converse!

Erick Fonseca says:

Do more reviews on your own channel:)

Mysterious Pedro says:

Do a dc Tiago s review

Beanie boy skates says:

I don’t trust his Nike videos no more after that fucking ass nyja Huston video where it was basically an ad for Nike

Aidan _sk8sz says:

Review vans slip on pro

Kevin Santiago says:

leo romero laced

Patrick B says:

Review crocs lol

PatAtOreMoTe GaMinG says:

Hello Christian Flores i am a kid skater i wanna know wich shoe i should get i skate 4-5 days a week and because i am a beginner i must have some durable shoes with some good board feel what should i get

Martin Zorman says:

i got them for 45€

Juan Sanchez says:

New Balance 420’s

Jason Longo says:

Review the new IW Nike ☺

Blake M Hall says:

Only reason im watching is cause its you doing a review, but its a nike shoe so im only watching for the skating

Aaron White says:

Do you no longer do the ride channel

Shmuel Tannenbaum says:

Skate. The. Es. Square. Threes.

buurrnok says:

Hey man! Big fan of your reviews. Did you try them with after market insoles? Bc I always skate my foot prints but these looks like it’s a midsole within an insole so I’m not sure if it’ll fit weird.

Nova Duffee says:

Review some vans old school pros

Oliver Grewin says:

You really deserve to be sponsored, but I don’t want you to be because I love your shoe reviews

akina speedstar says:

Review the emerica Reynolds g6

Cody Bowen says:

Please review the Nike check solarsoft next

Ricardo Person says:

Thanks I’ve been wanting this vid to come out

Francisco Perez says:

Nike blazers

nathanvaldez45 says:

i just started skating recently and i bought the kyle walker pro’s because you said they were pretty good and they feel great! love your shoe reviews brother keep it up!

groundzer0 says:

Hey christian, you should skate stefan janoski,suede material for like 3 weeks ive never seen a review of the ones with suede material

samuel cunha says:

Tiago S is a shoe that has like no reviews plx do one on it

Briac Lorcy says:

A week of skating is not enough for a wear test in my opinion

I NC says:

Try NM 288, super nice shoe

Jack Fisher says:

Do vans TNT

Westley Cuid says:

I like the background music to this video. Would you mind sharing the title of it?

Josh Chant says:

No hate just wanna help make vid a wee better, on commentary the echo was a wee distracting

LuckyGhost18 says:

Nike Sb blazer mids

Dyjan Florez says:

Really dope ,do the dc nyjah next .please.

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