Nike SB Nyjah Free Skate Shoes Wear Test Review –

Nike SB Nyjah Free skate shoes at Tactics:

Fresh off his Nyjah’s ‘Til Death Part, Nike SB has dropped a lightweight, runner-style shoe that kills it at all around skating. With a 360-degree rubber upper, this shoe is both flexible and durable.

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James P says:

Where is tactics from?

Pete &Pete says:

Do they come with lick and stick tattoos tho??need one for more my neck but still gotta work the next day….

Jews Flip says:

nibba is everyone in tactics boardshop named shawn

Armand Baclay says:

This helped me possibly get this shoe and try it !

Blake M Hall says:

Overpriced, ugly, and nike. All things i dont want. Skater owned and operated will always be better

Rosa Vences says:

Nyjah is my favorite skater wby guys?

skate snake says:

0 dislike

Guy Face says:

how could anyone not love these, they’re free

Benny Chavez says:

Thanx bro

Lil Chicken says:

I <3 Tactics

Lil Chicken says:

Gay ass shoes

ijuwan says:

What are those?
These are ugly as hell !!?
The Nyjah’s DC line was so much better.


I wish I could skate these shoes

daniel dee says:

hows the sizing? true to size?


How thick is the heel at the back?

Eric B says:

Cool review. You rode those hard! And they lasted long

Bagof-T says:

got a hole in the insole under the ball of my foot after 1 month like every fucking skate shoe that has ever been made…

BRated says:

The shoes are ugly as fuck good review but my god are they ugly

Jewn Ersey says:

1:51 no re-do, dude?

Corey Bosman says:

they look sick but nikes are sooo expensive

Triston Duarte says:

though it preforms well very disappointed in the look of the shoe

trad08 says:

this guy is the best reviewer

Connor Morrison says:

0:43 anyone catch that backsmith edit to fakie

Courage Ekhaguere says:

Great review ill be picking some up I’m glad they last long because I need some good skate shoes

Blake M Hall says:

If my shoes are that fucked after a month and a half then its a crap shoe, a pair of accel og’s lasts for months on top of months even if you skate every single day for hours upon hours

Ian Turnbow says:

Gross looking shoe. Nike’s Free technology works for running shoes but failed for the SB line in the past. Solid review of an overpriced garbage shoe. The cost is not justified by the durability. Does anyone have any fucking idea how much laces cost? You’ll easily spend $30 on laces per pair.

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