Nike self-lacing shoes put a ton of tech under your feet

Nike Adapt BB is the second generation of self-lacing shoes. The updated sneakers are more affordable at $350, pair over Bluetooth, and remember how you like the fit of your shoes. We visited Nike’s campus to try them on and talk to Tinker Hatfield, the designer behind the self-lacing concept.

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Jordan Thompson says:

Adidas is on a better path with futurecraft 4D, more minimal and less unnecessary junk in the shoe

Chris Smith says:

There’s already a self tightening shoe that doesn’t need a battery. Elastic FTW

Whole Food Plant-Based Man says:

I usually wear the same shoes until they start falling apart.

malek mestiri says:

This is absolutly stupidd to me

Chris Reynolds says:

His name is Tinker Hatfield?

Carlo de Guzman says:

im gonna get one pair in 5 yrs when i can afford it and hopefully by then theyll replace lithium batteries with solid state batteries.

KamekoBruns says:

When discussing a pair of freaking sneakers, terms like “at lot more affordable” and “$350” are mutually exclusive.

Julian Mulvey says:

“Alot more affordable at 350$” That’s the best joke I heard all day.

lieutenantkettch says:

This is heavy.

Lewis Lemons III says:

Tinker the Legend.

George Paul says:

People: the common joe will have flying cars

People: dude the self lacing shoes r here!

Alexis Garcia says:

Battery decay is the biggest draw back specially when you want to resale them down the line.

Wolf says:

You would probably have to charge them every 6 months

adi6183 says:

xiaomi will launch 100$ version

lovely life says:

So when we are not wearing them they can be used as two air tight boxes …. Woww….. Amazing……..

Samuel A says:

At least they better than yeezys

7KFUSION says:

They are the future for $350 that’s pretty affordable

FTM Studios says:

Why is she wearing safety goggles?

luminor007 says:

I just want shoes that can be programmed to take me for a run around the block to save going to the gym

Edmundo Zamora says:

Adapt SB?

The Verge says:

Would you buy these self-lacing shoes for $350?

M Daniyal Umer says:

Back To The Future 2 predicted this … main chracter wears Self Lacing shoes … that too from NIKE.

João Pedro da Silva says:

Does anyone know the model of her eyeglasses? they are spectacular!

Berend Kluijfhout says:

I can imagine this is a solution for people with a handicap that can’t tie their shoes for whatever reason.


Lazy trainers for lazy people. I wear Adidas and put my laces being the tounge once I find the right comfort. I just use a simple granny knot to keep it minimal. Good luck Nike, you lost my custom years ago.

Jay Harris says:

The phone companies found a way to get our fingerprints, and they can track our location, people sending their saliva to track their ancestry and now your shoes will likely be tracking your location.

dspsaab says:

$14 velcro shoes at Walmart are an option?

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