Nike Superfly Elite Track Spikes Unboxing & Review

I hope you guys enjoy this review! The Superfly Elite is the best track spike to date in my opinion. As stated in the video, I recommend you order true to size.
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EvolUtioNcomunati says:

Where can i buy these spikes?

The ReuniclusRadeo says:

i have the same size shoes as you and Im 13. Rip, im bigfoot jr

MimiMia says:

Can you use these for field soccer ??

Sharpe Guy says:

the only thing I don’t like is the non replaceable spikes..

Plzen Player says:

Some tracks don’t allow the length of the spikes.

Christopher Saji says:

Are you going to review the Ja fly 3s?

Zach Charendoff says:

so I just picked these up in a 10 and 10.5. the 10 is a bit too narrow but the 10.5 is a bit too long. Which is the better option?

Joshua Thiele1271 says:

what website can i get ja fly 2s off?

Wilmer Jackerson says:

My son is a freshman in HS and he is running 4:49:44, ide like to surprise him with new spikes for his regional comp coming up. Wondering is these are worth it for the 1600M, im undecisive on the fact that you cant replace the spikes.

Liltaw10 says:

I want these spikes so much!! Great review and God Bless.

Miracle Amasiatu says:

I have a question for you … which one best strike ever ? 6 or 7 or 8 strike on shoe ! 6 strike shoe best ?

Hu Tommy says:

I have wide and flat feet. Would these shoes work for me? Thank you!

TheMinecraftKnight says:

I got mine for 85 cause of a discount for my school.

Emersons Vlogs says:

Sick ones

Audric Baldivia says:

What will recommend spikes for me (100m Sprint and MidDistance)

Cinamon Roll says:

Yo so like I’m new to track so I bought these shoes the blue ones for 200$ should I wear these to my practices or no or should I just race in them?

Manuelcho says:

Hi, I would like to ask if the nails can be replaced by others if they break or that nails the metal skewers can not be removed and they were created that way.If someone has bought the NIKE SUPERFLY ELITE please reply to the comment to know if the metal skewers can be lost or can not be exchanged. Thank you.

Paul Shelby says:

How do you clean them

Louis Thomson says:

I might sound stupid but at my school we don’t have a proper track and we use the field which is just grass, would this still be effective?

Rachel Osei says:

Can you also use these shoes for indoor ?

_.Nonso ._ says:

btw man just wanted to say something can you make a video on long sprinting spikes vs short sprinting spikes because not many know about this that there is various types for middle distance long distance short sprints and long sprints and cross country spikes there is a huge variety but not much know so can u do an in Dept video on it thank u

Antigoni Votsiou says:

What about the non removal spikes ? Can I change them after a while ?

Loom Love says:

Since you cannot change the spikes do they become blunt?

Vybez says:

Question, how durable are the spikes? Since they’re non removable and I will probably be using these for a while.

SeZues says:

What size should I get if I’m a 10.5 for these shoes? I heard they run small.

BrysontheGhost Gaming says:

It’s dumb how you can’t replace the spikes.

Thorl says:

I Like this so much

Gucci Goober says:

Are these legal for highschool?

TheLegend 27 says:

Hi everybody i’m new to track and field I do not have spikes but just regular running shoes would you recommend that I got spikes or is it okay with running shoes Thanks

mohammad hafiz abdol hakim says:

Which spikes is much narrower on the forefoot?Ja fly 2 or superfly elite

Jay Hummer says:

Hey I was looking to probably get the Nike zoom rival s8 or those but should I go a size up or size or half a size but I am a 9’5

Korey Waite says:

The ja fly 2 is really cool I have one

Rogier Derksen says:

So somebody told me that this spike loses it’s strength really fast, that is a turn off for me. How did the spikes hold up for you and how much did you use them?

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