Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit Review

Today I’m reviewing the Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit! The Vaporfly 4% flyknit is the newest Vaporfly 4% sneaker and features as the name would suggest a flyknit upper. The new Nike marathon running sneaker released last month for $250. Check out my review to learn more!

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No Ja says:

Do you think the cushion is gonna bottom out super fast?

david dan says:

waiting on a jordan 33 review

fortphilly/kimurasandwitch says:

B-roll Philadelphia FTW!

TheLifeOfIan says:

Trust me! The neighbors weren’t banging on the walls because of your video. You know what they say the nicer the person the freakier they are. And you know how nice people say Canadians are!! 😉

wikedwun says:

$250 is nuts these should be like $190 at most

Chris Mccullough says:

Amazing views

Joey Calabrese says:

Nike is the worst co. made from  slave labor ,and charging a lot of money, laughing all the  way  to  the  bank  who calls hero who call police pigs and disrespect the flag if you wear It  you are a piece of  shit ungrateful American who should be cursed by the people  who died  for  this  country

Bon Cheung says:

One question, Boost or Zoomx

Murray Herts says:

wtf they were banging on the wall because of you talking? rude af

Somewhat Godlike says:

niggas who complain about a running shoe creasing

yudi wicaksono says:

I just don’t get it.. you make a review for elite performance marathon shoes from casual perspective. Come on seth..

Ram Ng says:

i need 14 of these

Spar Valencia says:

Thats pretty late but atleast you still pulled through lmaoo

Steve Herald says:

Sick shoe, if I did any competition type this would be it. I just treadmill at home

Bernie Mac says:

I think they need to incase that Zoomx in some react Because zoom extra shows too much creasing too quick.. They’re both top tier technologies and you could find a way to get the best of both worlds but react definitely shows less damage

Edwin chattellon says:

It’s actually more heavy

Kika Intros says:

turbo or these vaporfly 4%??

Hazem says:

They look good but why the crazy price tag?

Wilson M says:

Review the Jordan Horizon


what the brand of your black pants

dC821957 says:

Some shots in front of the Philly Art Museum?

Alex Perez says:

Them joints go BBOUW!

Yasin Cakal says:

I just ran a half marathon with it, this shoe is a dream to run in. Can’t comment on durability but it’ll be hard to go back to anything else. Carbon fiber plate is the next big thing in running sneakers in my opinion. Zoomfly Flyknit is probably good alternative for that alone.

Spartan S says:

I hope you review the Kendrick Cortez, I copped a W and waiting for delivery

Mr. Hunter says:

Your knuckles look busted up, do you do mma or anything similar?

tHeShadyLuGia says:

I dont think the neighbors were knocking because of your video

*insert lenny face*

Tony Montana says:

I think you have way too many shoes, and Jesus said to spread the love. So that’s why you spread the love and get your connections to hook me up with Size 15’s please and thank you

H3nz says:

As a casual runner and a casual wearer I think that these are shoes I wouldn’t wear regularly and so wouldn’t be the best of purchases – as a casual wearer I think that the price and durability of the shoe is too low for the price as these are expensive shoes and the cushioning begins to crease almost immediately, I am also not really a huge fan of the orange colour . As a running shoe I find it unlikely these would last over a month of regular running and of course they are marketed as a race day shoe which means that the price can be slightly excused, however I like my running shoes to be usable a but in the daily too and for that reason as well as the orange being super odd – I personally would not buy this shoe

wwwBangBroscom says:

I own so many pair of 4%s. These are meant to be used for probably 5-6 REAL races lol. I would not run in these for practice, there are better shoes like the Pegasus 35. 35> 35 Turbo

Meh Nam Is Drk says:

Love ur vids awesome

Ari Wolf says:

If you want to try a running shoe similar to this including the spring plate, look up the brand “ON”. They’re a Swiss brand and they’re a major pioneer in the build that is minimal structure in the upper, a spring plate, and a soft midsole. Great run-specialty shoe and about $100 or so cheaper than these

kyleandthewolf says:

I think this one of your best reviews! Gives an honest perspective from the lifestyle/casual point of view, while also giving respect to the running and performance purpose of the shoe. A very well-educated review. Well done!

Sovereign Hope says:


Mr. Bofa says:

Can u review the Nike exp x14?

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