NIKE VAPORFLY 4% REVIEW running perfomance shoe BREAKING2 . ZOOM X racing 2 hour marathon shoe. ultraboost vaporfly zoom fly

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Slava SS says:

Jami, do you keep this model or returned it finally?

Jihoon Son says:

clear cut straight to the point, no b.s. my type of review. thanks man. def makes me want to try out the shoe for myself. you’ll be the one responsible for taking me to a Nike store to try it out. If I make the purchase it’s all you. Nike should be paying you. Not some robot lookin employee with no enthusiasm nor emotions whatsoever.

Derek Johnson says:

if i wear them loose tied with the lace tips sticking out the top eyelit (i.e. not tied), do i need to go full size down?

Lavender ish says:

Dope review!!! I just found your channel! Check me out when you get a chance okay!? Oh yeah I also subbed!

TheGreatblizzard says:

Thank you for informative reviews, you’re the best!

Ricky La says:

Rarely ever comment on videos, but it’s nice to see a performance review on this, so thank you for this!

Seeing in your video that you’re more of a forefoot striker, any idea on whether you feel it may be an issue for those who land on their midfoot or heel?

Spencer Aronfeld says:

Nice review!

Razak Idris says:

still… nice cadence

Youthful Carlito says:

Finally a someone that reviews the 4% for running, not walking.

JT mareZ says:

Is there any difference between the regular zoom & the zoom 4%?

David M says:

Very good Review, keep up the good work 🙂

Cody Casserly says:

Awesome review Jamison! What program do you use to edit your videos?

Spar Valencia says:

Review it agai after say 2-3months? Just to see if the zoom bottomed out

alex muchnik says:

Where can u get them ?

Henery Bui says:

How is the durability for the NIKE VAPORFLY 4%? Can I run in it everyday?

Gibson Graham says:

Little off topic here, but what’s the name of the navy blue Nike t-shirt you’re wearing? Love the videos, some of the best/honest shoe reviews I’ve seen – keep it up!

ciaran kavanagh says:

ur form has improved a good bit well done

JP Burklow says:

Great form

Brian Simonetti says:

Okay, so I finally got my pair, copped off of Eastbay, I just don’t know why they made the mid foot so narrow, how many guys have an arch that high to accommodate that fit. Now I’m stuck with the decision on to keep or return them

MrJdub905 says:

with how expensive the shoe is and the new midsole material, do you feel like these might bottom out fairly quickly

MiracleWarriors says:

Is it a Neutral shoe ? Nike needs to make high-end Snickers for people that pronate.

Aulelo says:

great shoe but man… 250$ for a shoe made in china out of plastic? Thats waay to much.. I already find the Ultra boost with 180 overpriced…

Juanito Master says:

Can You make a video in a running test like 2k with the nike 4% Abd 2k with for example adidas adizero adios 2

dimension7623 says:

Nice shoe, but its hard to justify the price of these shoes, the Ultra boosts are literally $60-$70 cheaper than these…no way I would chose these over Ultra Boost. I do like the new Zoom X technology, its very intriguing. Hopefully we will see in the Pegasus or even the Vomero shoes down the road. Also great review Jamison!

Thatsin Ch says:

Great video! You’ll be big bro, mark my words

Sean Go says:

Nice review!!

Spar Valencia says:

Detailed and honest review! Hope you get big and sponsored soon

Любовь Ломоносова says:

Interesting shoe 🙂

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