Nike Vapormax 3 Review & On Feet

Today I’m reviewing the Nike Vapormax 3! The Nike Air Vapormax 3 features a retooled fly knit upper and comes in a bright blue and pink. The new Vapormax 3 released shortly after the Vapormax 2019 but utilizes a different upper. Is the Nike Vapormax 3 one of the best running shoes of 2019? Check out the video to learn more!

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Marissa Allen says:

am i the only one seeing orange and not pink likes he’s calling it?

Loner Gizmo says:

Do they come with another set of laces? Blue laces would set em off better…

Heisenberg says:

I just can’t get over how ugly the outsole is on the vapormax line.

spartanB0292 says:

In my opinion the Vapormaxes just make people notice you, but they ugly af

Matt Noonan says:

As an OKC fan… Those colors are dope! But they do kinda look like high heels on you with how you holding your feet.

Raphael Meitiv says:

Orange not pink

Smit says:

2:51 .. he says primeknit lol. i guess the similarity between the Ultraboost upper and this is too much for him to handle

Poccha Wanmos says:

its ugly & look like soccer cleat…smh

Baltsu says:

that colorway is not bad. Goes well with white jeans in summer. Besides, you can wear those shoes for the Knicks games. Seth is one of those Henry Ford type of people who want shoes to look black and dull. If they look good, they must be trash.

Nigel Goodman says:

These look like a mouth guard but boost looks like styrofoam, so they’re both ugly.

LemonFusions says:

anyone know where you can find vapormax on sale?

CLKZN x says:

Do a review on the nike epic react 2

Dhananjay Tiwari says:

I still think AirMax 720 is better

Kirk Szoke says:

Rock them with some Miami marlins gear !

Korvfingrar says:

Nah i wouldn’t cop for daily wear, but they’d look cool with a Spider-Man 2099 costume i reckon

Damien Jeremy Weir says:


Elijah Davidson says:

I love vapor max for some reason.

Danny A says:

All these vapormax reviews, u say u don’t like em but yet u have the off white version. All hype then?

Minh Khoi Pham says:

You always provide great, in-depth and honest reviews. If only your videos are recorded at 60fps, they would all be so pleasant to watch! But still, I appreciate all of your videos, they all help a lot!

Ivan Yonshevsky says:

wtf is that shit xDDDD

Joshua slosser says:

Seems like the vapormax 2 just came out damn

Sai tej says:

why does nike/adidas release same sneakers with slightest of changes and call it new iteration of the sneaker ?

Alin Kouro says:

Try the vapormax plus, they are way Better

Harvey I60 says:

The vapour max are shit waste of money and over hupex

hi says:

oho he called the flyknit primeknit

Ali Khurram says:

Vapormax are sooo overrated

The Asian Beast says:


FridayNightRaider says:

For the briefest second when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was the unreleased blue Off-White vapormaxes

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