Nike Vomero 12 review . Lunar epic review also on channel.
Nike Running shoes.


Cheap altenatives: Epic lunar low

Or Vomero 11



rjt1752 says:

Not heavy at all!

Cupeed says:

Can you do Vomero 13?

Steve Starr says:

Jamison, how about the width on these? I had (much) earlier versions of the Vomero that I loved, I’ve heard some reviews saying these run a bit narrow. I’m currently in Nike Lunarglide 7’s, that fit great, and I’m normally a 9 D (regular medium width.) With the Vomero 12, do you think reg. width is fine or do I go for the EE wide?

Filip Andersson says:

Those shoes looks silly on your thin legs.

Steve Starr says:

Really enjoy your reviews, Jamison. Keep up the good work. As for me, I just score a pair of Vomero 12’s from Jackrabbit last night for $64. #Winning

Vaio Boy says:

Hey bro.Can u tell me how to adjust the flywire?? My shoes is so tight that it hurts. Idk how to adjust them

Orlando Williams says:

What music is this

Jon Nelson says:

Love all your reviews. Would you recommend the Vomero 12 or Pegasus 34 for a neutral Clydesdale runner with a recent history of calf strains? I’m wondering if the Vomero might be too soft for heavier runners, or if it has enough firmness/responsiveness to support the extra weight. Thanks!

Michael Fong says:

The doggie couldnt catch up!

Crummock iPhail says:

I like what they’ve done with the new Vomero 12 (although I wish there were more colorways). I think they differentiated it from the Pegasus more, since the Pegasus 33 came in and stole the Vomero 11’s thunder with the two Zoom units in front and heel. So they pushed the Vomero further into that Run Easy plush cushy shoe territory. Here’s how I see it with Nike’s current zoom lineup (for neutral shoes anyway). I think you can set up a good trifecta with what they have right now.

Pegasus 33 is your middle of the road, do it all trainer. You throw that on for the majority of your work. You pick up a Vomero 12 for those super long and slow casual runs where you just want extra cushioning to take it easy on your feet/legs. Like you said, it’s a bit heavier, so it’s not something I’d wear everyday for regular training. But then you pick up the Elite 9 for speed days where you want fast light weight shoes that aren’t going to impede your form. Maybe even wear the Elite for race days if you compete, since it’s pushed in the direction of a racing flat.

That’s probably like $400 worth of shoes (if bought at regular price), but eh. Collecting shoes is fun lol. Plus if you’re a serious runner, it’s a good investment. Then they’ll last longer if you’re rotating them also. If I had to pick just one though, it’d be the Pegasus, cause like I said it’s right in the middle and offers the most flexibility. I wouldn’t do speed work in a Vomero, and the while the Elite could serve as a distance shoe, I’d prefer more cushion on those long ones just to save my feet a little, I think it might be rough to workout in it every single day. Pegasus is fine for everything.

wildwest1 says:

Vomero 10’s were the best IMO.

dimension7623 says:

Great Review! I like the Pegasus 33 that I just picked up, I didn’t get the chance to put on the Vomero 12’s, I tested the Vomero 11’s but they felt a bit heavy on the top side. So I am not sure what the difference is between the 12’s and the 11’s. Not sure if its enough for me to move up to the Vomero 12s.

Metrix says:

Are these pretty much just for running?

TheOhyeah1 says:

These destroyed my arch. 3 month injury because I didn’t know out was the shoe causing it. The 11s were awesome. They changed it so much.

dru812002 says:

How would you compare the cushioning to the LunarEpic??

Anthony Santoro says:


Nico Scott says:

subbed great vid

Uday Bhaskar Gande says:

can anyone tell me where I can find the size tag on vomero 12

DatCat says:

I’m stuck between the Pegasus 33 and these. I run long distances almost everyday. don’t care about price. which do you recommend? any other shoes you recommend I’d love to hear.

Jamonedre Ford says:

aye bro wassgood

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