Nike Zoom 2K Review

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forestspirits says:

I bought them two weeks ago. They fit very well and the are very comfy!! And the whole design is so cool

erggy88 says:

Do they fit true to size?

Michael P says:

this video made me buy it

Matthew Tagayun says:

Like an in-line take down version of Garnett 3s I’ve always wanted the air jet flights

The Pickle says:

Love the late 90s look of them…Super tough

Булат Айнетдинов says:

Есть здесь русскоговорящие?

Andrew Hord says:

I tried these on at Footlocker Friday and they are pretty comfortable and give you great ankle support! Might go back this week and buy them and they are true to size!! Nice Video!!

Edward's Content says:

Anyone tried balling in them

Brayton Osmon says:

Will definitely be looking for these on clearance!!!

Hansel Diarios says:

Sizing? should go tts or size up?

RonburE says:

Скажите по русски, они говно или нет?

Youssef O'Sullivan says:

‘jeez chandler’ lmao

SmartBrotha34 says:

Gonna cop the red and white joint’s

Vincent Anderson says:

Shitty lookin shoe definitely not fire.

Quint Essence Tial says:

It looks like the jordan… I forgot what jordan that was.

James Simms says:

Please ask Nike to pick up designers that can do just what u said Create designs that look like they r from the mid to late 90s they need that heavy

I Watch Organic says:

Im about to get these.. They gonna be one of the top shoes of 2019 mark my words

DygGs says:

copped them

Varian David says:

They definitely kinda look like the Air Swoopes 2s, but totally agree that they look like a shoe from the late 90s and early 2000s. I thought maybe they looked like Dawn Staley’s Air Zoom S5 (she was my fav female point guard back then)…but I looked up the shoe and I was wrong. LOL!! Side note: #POINTS for the chandler/ nubbin reference!! LOL.

Fros7deagl3 says:

Who is Chris?

scott mccoy says:

Dad shoe 2019

Jacob Nelson says:

one of my favorite shoes of all time

djspot says:

I was a bit iffy on them off the foot…but they look great on the foot.

JmeJ83 says:

The toebox and tongue are reminiscent of the Air Max Triax 1996

Lee Adams says:

Are those basketball shoes or casual?

Kalesha Bakes says:

what size did you pick up?

AntyTV says:

Is it a summer shoe???

JOE says:

Nice shout out to Swoops, down here in Lubbock TX!

Young Majk says:

They fit true to size?

Keuan Epting says:

have you seen the PG 3

CaliberTM says:

I dont know if I should buy these or the nike huaraches, opinions?

Leanzzro says:

Please do a performance review!!

crazy gamer says:

I just got them, can’t wait to wear them

Mark Grogan says:

I was born in 2005 and I may not know everything about the 90’s era, but these look so dope imo

Kyle Conde says:

The Kahwi laugh at the end though HAHAHAHAHAHA

Lester Solomon says:

Great look! I wear between 9.5-10 for Air Max models depending on the shoe width, would you say these accommodate for wider feet?

PaladioBlaze says:

This joint is so retro that I thought it was a retro lol.

Sean Nguyen says:

They look pretty cool hopefully I can get a pair

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