NIKE ZOOM ELITE 10 Review. Can do just about any kind of run from 5k to a marathon. Pair it with a Pegasus turbo and you should be set.

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Monte Comeau says:

Would like to hear your review of the new Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast

Milan van der Meer says:

Bondi 6 review next?

Gabriel Machado says:

the most welcome change: does not have those horrible faded colorways

Steve Starr says:

Another great video, Jamie! Question….I’m typically a size 9 in all Nikes, EXCEPT the Zoom Fly (9.5) Your thoughts on the fit regarding size?

Michael Fong says:

How fast was she going at the track? Insane fast

Joey Simon says:

this is another one of those versatile yet affordable shoes that has a well-deserved cult following. Nike has the Zoom Elite, Saucony has the Kinvara, NB has the Zante, and the Brooks PureFlow/Cadence might even fall into this category. 10mm drop might be a bit high but otherwise probably the most underrated Nike shoe.

rooster miller says:

Great Review, as I was asking the questions to myself, you would answering them. Freaky… I did prefer the elite 9 over the 8, The nine was softer in the heel. I would have love for the elite 10 to have the same flared heel as the Peg Turbo, cause I did have some rubbing in the 9 than I did in the 8.

ANDY B says:

Can you please review nike vapourmax 2, I say your last review but please give them a chance as i look to your channel for an honest review but the need to worn for a month before it gets good

Crummock iPhail says:

It’s not the “sexy” option anymore now that Nike has all this new cushioning tech, but the Zoom Elite such a solid shoe that goes under the radar for a lot of runners. The Zoom Elite 9 was so nice I bought it twice.

Gyet Wright says:

Her body makes me happy

RUNNER 4 Life says:

I think it looks good and from your opinion it is good to.

1301407gl says:

Ayy murchison!

julius hernandez says:

Can you do a Pegasus turbo vs zoom elite 10 comparison. I know they’re similar in weight and I know elites are $80 less. Which would you go with and why? Thank you for review they’re always informative and on point.

blastercombo audio says:

By FAR Nike’s best shoe out and is flat enough to ever workout in.

Blackbean Burger says:

9s are my go-tos for road racing… wonderful shoe and i agree, this series is underrated. to me they’re lighter versions of the pegasus

C. James says:

Can you review the ASICS ds trainer 23 please? Thanks jami

Daniel Barakat says:

Dude you’re becoming the MKBHD of running shoes reviews. Keep it up man!

C. James says:

Dynaflyte 3 review? You’re gonna love it

Jamison Michael says:

Shoutout to my IG peoples who got the early look! #MaryBethOrNah

Anthony Moore says:

Best running shoe from Nike for faster long runs. Don’t believe the hype with turbos and react etc these shoes are the money, for not as much money as all the new over marketed shoes.

WestHam66 says:

Sounds like the Pegasus 31 with the single airbag in the forefoot… Love the colorway too.

Elijah Addey says:

Hi jami! Three things

1) does my name sound familiar

2) I love the camera work all of your videos are great and humorous

3) if you had a perfect shoe in mind (it does not exist) and it has your preference of comfort, design, durability, basically a shoe for everything what would it look like, will it be part of your future merchandise?

Thanks Jami I love your videos

Ted Forsström Jacobsson says:

Yo just came from the live, that ish was weird and hilarious. Also just ordered a pair of elite 9s for the equivalent of like 50$ and I’m excited now!
Cheers from Sweden
and keep it tight

skydragon 49 says:

I might not speak for everybody, but I’d take a pair of Elite instead of a Zoom Fly any given day in any given running situation. The title of the video says it all: the Elite is underrated indeed.

Uli Peterson says:

Looks exactly like the Zoom Elite 9.
And probably performs the same, too.
Which isnt a bad thing, because i really do like the Elite 9.
If you want a lightweight, fast and breathable running shoe, you cannot go wrong, spending 100$ for these.
Unless you get the Elite 9 for cheaper.

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