Nike Zoom Fly Review! Nike’s Most Comfortable Shoe?!

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GrizzlySkater234 says:

“ I don’t like what Nike did when they made their shoes look like runners”
Well they’re for running and more specifically racing , not to wear around like a hypebeast dickhead

Sakura Moon says:

I want these, hope theres other colorways.

Michael Eyob says:

NIKE lunar fly 306

A-lex says:


Marco Villarreal says:

That chest pound at 5:05 lol

Tubby Troy Kent Lozano says:

Are we just gonna ignore Sammy’s 350 bucks accent?

Spencer Sidmore says:

U guys are Hella late to this shoe lol

Byrnee 30 says:

Vaporflys are only $250 not $300

Jie Liao says:

I thought the 4 percent is 250…

Janghu Seo says:

This vs ultraboost

Gnel Cagulada says:

It’s react!

Brace says:

Man them fucking crease lines thou

GreekSneakCollector says:

Still can’t beat Ultra Boost!

Spencer Sidmore says:

I’m getting tired of Sammy always talking about how tight he likes it lol

Darious Comfort says:

You know you’re more prone to ankle injury playing basketball in a running shoe right?

Beast Mode says:

*Btw, there is a carbon fiber plate inside the shoe that is suppose to propel you forward and make you run faster!*

Arnav Kejriwal says:

Any Alternatives?

Gabe Goffin says:

Do boost vs zoom x

josh henderson says:

You ever gonna do a video on the nike air zoom mariah flyknit?

Nathan Law says:

Two retards review a running but know nothing about running

Asian jake says:

I’ve always wanted this review from you guys. Keep up the great work.

Mark Brezai says:

Hypebeasts we have found the ultraboost killer

Uli Peterson says:

if you like high cushioning shoes, try Hoka One One.
they might be better than the Zoom Fly, and more durable.

Tim Xu says:

Why these bball boiz reviewing running shoes

Just Basebal17 says:

You should do a lunar epic vs zoom fly

anonimasu shinigami says:

Whatsup guys

pedro baptista says:

i wish people appreciated those compression marks for what they are, part of the nature of that sexy sexy foam. you know,..there’s beauty in the material’s honest nature. sure you don’t like then you don’t, but it’s seems such an easy target and people are picking on it without giving it much thought

Sovereign Hope says:

Vaporfly has zoomx cushion. This doesnt

Cashout Live says:

Does it basketball sketcher energy lite. Lol

Bang Bang says:

Vaporfly 4% is mory comfy

Alecko Franco says:

Nike zoom fly vs Adidas eqt 93/17

Andrew Hernandez says:

I️ have that shoe it’s great

Terry Scott says:

Do a does it basketbal with boxing shoes. The nike hyper ko

Thomas Tzikas says:

Its a running shoe… You are only supposed to run with forefoot strikes… That’s why there’s no rubber in the heel.

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