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Oh man, the Nike Marketing machine was at peak level with the new VaporFly 4% and Zoom Fly kicks. While I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the Vaporfly yet, the Zoom Fly is on the docket today. It’s a bit of a rough ride, literally. What do YOU think of the Zoom Fly or Vaporfly? Lemme know in the comments below!




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James Rockwell says:

I think it is a flymesh upper, not flyknit

TheGingerRunner says:

The Zoom Fly is not my cup of tea. Extremely rigid carbon infused plate mixed with extremely responsive lunarlon = no comfy. Also, LOTS of opinions on this shoe as well as the VaporFly and Vapor Elite. Keep em comin! For clarification, I mention “Flyknit” when it’s “Flymesh” – I blame the late nights editing my new movie for the mush brain. Don’t worry, the difference between the two won’t make you faster, but it sure seems to make a few of you mad 🙂

randosity says:

I have a lunarepic Flyknit 2 with 600+ miles on them and it is still good just a suggestion for runners

Cyril Londechamp says:

It’s not a flyknit upper…

Storm- Greene says:

I’m a highschool cross country runner and a few weeks before the season I decided to pick up a pair of the zoom fly and I’m gunna be honest I hated the shoe for the first couple of weeks my feet felt like they were on fire while running intros shoe in 60degree weather! But after I bought a new insole for the shoe from super feet they’ve felt fantastic. They are extremely durable I’ve taken them on a few trail runs and they held they’re own pretty well. But honestly I would recommend the adidas energy boost 3’s or 4’s over this shoe.

Loner Gizmo says:

But it’s not flyknit…


Pegasus is the GOAT

Brent Wood says:

Fair and objective review EXCEPT upper is engineered mesh not flyknit, plate is carbon-infused nylon not carbon fiber.

John hynes says:

request Nike zoom winflo 4

Raunak Agrawal says:

What do you think is the best shoe for daily running on road or on ground

Rorriz Ferroriz says:

I bought a pair of hoka huakas on ebay… very satisfied… I have tried altras but the sizing just doesnt do me justice… I am sold on hokas my only complaint is that any pair I get the bottom seem to come off some where but only a small section.

Striding for Mental Health says:

The stiffness actually intrigues me because of my big toe joint pain. Wondering if this would help prevent further injury.

Joshua Silberman says:

Are they only for mid- long distance? As a sprinter would they be a good choice?

Red Goose says:

Of course you hated it. It’s not meant for someone who runs at 11 minute mile pace

cellphone96 says:

I have been wearing the zoom fly’s. I actually really love them! I have set numerous personal records in them already! Just bought the vaporflys so I can’t wait to try them.

The Geriatric Runner says:

Hey Ginger, I wish I had a way of sending you a picture so you can post this, shows what what going on with you with one of the 3 super runners in his “Super Shoes”. After the marathon he finds a patc of grass and sits down wreething in pain. He then proceeds to grab his back right ankle and message it. alll the while you can see his Nike super flyneet2% (Keep in mind the 250 dollar – no excuse me, the customized 250 dollar version if ate are one of the top runners in the world version) It is doing what you dsaid it does and what I believed it would do based on looking at it. Since either side on each shoe has this huge 45% slope one each side, and a very course board in the center, the foor because of Isaac Nutons laws in combination with Nike’s materials, natureally push each foot towards the ground. The photo shows 1. The runner grabbing his ankle in pain 2. The foams response after being road in (I guess it didnt get the memo that its being marketed for 250 bucks). It is clearly mushed in the middle after 27 miles or so. 3. Some of the differences between the version you are holding and the custom 250 dollar version. Anyhow I’ll send it to you if you can give me an address or something to post it to your readers/viewers. Thanks!

Iceyboxy 360 says:

I run 4 miles every cross country practice day but we do a half mile more every day and I want to do a sub 12 minute mile and a half plus there is a Huge steep hill

Hahss jdnnsnsnx says:

I thought this one didn’t have the carbon fiber in it? And can you do one for the 4%

orlando s2k says:

Bro what about just for walking and style?

Edwin chattellon says:

It has a nylon plate, not carbon. Also it is flymesh, not flyknit. Nice video quality tho.

Pat McCurry says:

It’s not made for hobby joggers.

sickkicks4days 13 says:

The 4% have ruined every other shoe for me. It’s all I wear, even for casual. But it helps I get them for $150. And as for these guys, I don’t understand why everyone hates them. I personally love them and have gotten them in all colors.

Loner Gizmo says:

Flymesh I believe

The Geriatric Runner says:

Unless I miss my mark, science has a long way to go before doing what Nike wants it to do. And what kills me and is so laughable is, even if Nike made a shoe that could allow me to complete a marathon in say, one hour. Guess what, if a Guy like Zack Miller is wearing the same technology or hell, even my 18 year old daughter, I’ll still get my ass kicked leaving nothing but a red-hot charcoal looking stone in where my body was standing!!!

Maverick5588 says:

Great reviews. Really appreciate the honesty and cutting through all the bs/marketing

Christos philippos says:

If you want to run there’s only one brand: asics. PERIOD.

Scott Curry says:

Can you do a brooks levitate review?

Paul Crosby says:

Good review, but I see this differently. The reason I bought these was I’m sure partially the hype. Yeah, I was curious. But I was also told that they were good for Achilles tendinitis. And I really injured my Achilles using a zero drop shoe (altra escalante) I have the Zoom Fly, not the 4%. I hate the way they look, which is purely a matter of taste. Comfort, here we agree, but not for the same reason. You had a problem with the stiffness. I really liked the stiffness – especially when I’m really tired, I get a propulsion sensation from that stiffness. My problem was I found it overly narrow, and I also experienced
the wobbliness you described, which I think is a mixture of the height of the heel and the narrowness. I also get a weird feeling in my arch, like something uncomfortably pushing up against it. Subtle but there. I think the weight is pretty good in a 10. So, I like the weight, the stiffness, and I haven’t had a recurrence of Achilles tendinitis, but I dislike the narrowness and the unstable feeling. I’d given them a 7.5/10

Brady Wells says:

Thats engineered mesh, not flyknit

rangy nelson says:

I watch your channel often, what shoes would you recommend me because I run long distance

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