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So I can’t believe that after years of reviewing gear, this is MY FIRST NIKE ROAD SHOE! I’ve been hesitant to throw them into rotation due to numerous issues years ago with durability and comfort. If the new Kiger and Wildhorse have been any indication, Nike can still make some decent shoes that impress me. So, due to many of you mentioning I should try them, I got a pair of Nike Pegasus 32 and put them to work.

First of all, I’m surprised by these kicks. They’re fun! The cushion is soft but more responsive than I was expecting. I also really like the upper, it’s material, its flexibility and its durability. And hell, the shoes just look great.

My major gripes are with how the shoe’s heel detracts from a really positive ride. With the thick outsole rubber, the huge heel drop (10mm), and the additional weight back there, the heel wants to drag and really resist absorbing the shock like its supposed to. Seriously, it felt like I was dragging my heals on every run which really bugged me. Even if I focused on getting more onto my forefoot, the shoes just don’t dynamically behave. It was a problem after awhile.

Overall, a fun shoe with a main gripe for me, keeping them from being my go-to road trainer. What about you? I know MANY of you have run or are currently running in this (or previous iterations). What do you think?

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Daniel Isberg says:

These videos are so well made, informative, and funny! 20/20

max rascon says:

You should try the nike lunarepic u will like it

Blake Digma says:

Nice pliney

Sascha Robitzki says:

Heavy, but I don’t think it runs that heavy as some other shoes with the same weight. Still prefer the Structure 19 and 18.

Michele Peroni says:

I have these shoes, I bought them for 120 Euros here in Italy. I’ve used them almost everyday for 3 months and then they ripped on my big toe. They are very fragile, not durable. For what they cost they aren’t worth it, I can only imagine how much they’d last if I would have use them for running constantly. Nowadays companies like Nike make shoes for people that don’t walk!

Zahoor Akhoon says:

do a comparison between this shoe and zoom winflo 3

Nicholas McKee says:

Returned the Free RNs and got these. I love them.

Jens Rud Nielsen says:

Just bought a pair. Felt good in the shop, but now I think it’s a bit tight in the toebox, and restricts the blood flow to my feet.

Daniel J says:

I have the Pegasus 33 and im pretty happy

david tanner says:

how is the size, i wear a 12, but in Nike sometimes they fit snug, should i order a 12.5? Thanks!

Daniel Gonsalez says:

the shoe performs pretty well and efficiently. its a good running shoe along with the Pegasus 33

Chee Hian Tan says:

i think you should also try the nike zoom elite 8

Samiran Shetye says:

zoom Pegasus 32 vs lunartempo

Alyssa Rodriguez says:

How would you compare this shoe to the Nike Free RN?

Angelica taylor says:

Please do a comparison video of Nike zoom pegasus 32 and 33 please! Thank you!

Gideon Dawson says:

Please do the Brooks Ghost 9!

JC RC says:

Pegasus 34 is the best now. Their only 110 dollars.

Andrew Mundekis says:

What would your advice be for someone whose never run more than 6 miles before but wants to start training for a marathon and needs new training shoes? I’m thinking of the hoka one one bondi 4 but I’m not sure. Would love to know what show you’d suggest!

Ean Marciniak says:

He has a good point, it’s an amazingly comfortable shoe except for the heels. Every time I run long distance in them my heel gets sore.

wildwest1 says:

Pegasus 31 is better than 32.

AaronFigueroa24 says:

how do you clean these?

Awesomeboy64744 says:

Are these true to size? I ‘ve heard that for some people it runs a bit small

Nikhil Sanon says:

How does the newer 33 stack up to the 32??

king beesh says:

your review is great

Thie V says:

I got the shoe for 50 dollar

Leo tron says:

how’s the sizing on these? true to size?

blackstar0o3 says:

Just picked these up for $30. Also my gf fav shoe. Gotta love the zoom!

Josh Patrick says:

I like the shoe from the forefoot to toes, but heel side is funcky. For long runs, it feels clunky and hard to to drag the heels with such a large drop.

Potop C. says:

hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me identify if a pair of Nike Air Max 2015 is fake or not, by seeing some images. Thanx!

Sean O'Reilly says:

My pegs have finally given way after about 7 months by the pinky toe on both feet 🙁 good shoe while it lasted

N.K says:

Hi, do you think this shoe would be OK for gym (weightlifting)/ treadmill use?

Triple259772 says:

Can you review the lunarglide 7s or the flyknit racer please? I’d like to see what a more experienced runner thinks about them before I buy.

Samiran Shetye says:

First of all, liked your video a lot. second,my budget is 180 dollars, and I do about 3, 7 mile runs each week. and I do a lot of sprint drills cause I’m basically a sprinter. what would be the best shoe for me? Any opinions? durability is the main requirement. Thanks a lot for your help.

Caleb Aikens says:

I have over 700mi on my Pegasus 31, I mostly use them in the gym, but they’ve lasted since May 2016, and I’m always strapped for cash. Like you said in the video, the heel sucks.

plphotographer says:

It’s my first running shoe and I love it. As far as I don’t know other brands and models. I think it’s a very nice shoe for first pair. Next will go with HOKA or try Elite 9 🙂

imyth says:

Should i buy them or not? i used to run using Sketch, but my feet hurt af.. i don’t know what to buy 🙁

Sofia Camacho says:

Would these be good for track practice? I’m getting spikes for races, but I’m considering these for track season and sticking to my asics for XC season because of the grip. Thoughts? Great review by the way!

Polaris4333 says:

Air support -What a f%#ing joke. Wore a pair for a year and then they suddenly leaked and made squeaky noises. Never again.

val smith says:

love my peg 30s!!


Hello sir your reviews are excellent plz tell me that Nike running shoes or Skechers running shoes which are better my daily running is 30 min
I need the best running shoes right now I am using Skechers go run forza and new balance fresh foam are these good for running please help me.

Isaac Carroll says:

i love this shoe ive came first in 6 to 10km like a million times and not only a teenager

keyalimoe says:

review about pegasus 33 please!!

Sahil Goyal says:

i am feeling uncomfortable due to lack of cushioning and narrow foot.


ethan have you had a look at the 33’s yet??… if so it would be great to have your thoughts on them??

Bro Gitness says:

Is it good for shotput

Matt Bloom says:

Good review but the flicking between clips gets annoying after a while.

TheRoshan89 says:

what do you think are the most comfortable sneakers under 100$?

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