Nike air zoom Pegasus 35 Review running shoe performance. Not Zoom X pegasus 35 Turbo. One of the best Nike sneakers for running 5k marathon vs

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lnfamouszeus says:

This was such an insightful review man. I’m very picky with my running shoes, since I try to invest in a good pair that could last me a few years, as money is pretty tight rn. Your review answered nearly all my questions bro, and I loved the running and jumping shots. So, I’m more of a natural, light weight shoe guy and don’t want to feel the weight of my shoes when I’m running long distance. Has anyone ran long distance with these shoes (13 + miles) and would recommend for a marathon?

Random_Vince says:

This is the 5th video Ive seen from you. Great job with the production, transitions, music, and of course the review itself!!! Keep up the great work. #Subscribed

iramuco3 says:

Love ur vids I bought these can’t wait to run on them

ryan troiled says:

ah yes the ”i cant believe its not butter feeling”. Can’t beat it!

ThomasDrijusl14 says:

Who also has problems with the heelcup? It feels like I’m slippin out with every step and not very secure

arbanaskocudo says:

That tongue looks toooo long, and what about the available widths ?

Carlos Blank says:

Best looking Pegasus so far!!! Great review!!!

Kay H says:

I got 0.5 sized up. They were just too tight for me in my original size.

Matt B says:

Upper is definitely snug, that was the first thing that struck me when I put them on but i’m hoping its gets better once I break them in

Nathalie Calvano says:

does it feel lighter then the 34 just find that mine feels lighter but longer

jkhoudini says:

Does the tapered/wedge shape heel feel a bit unstable at times like in the zoom fly & 4%?

Gray Gamer says:

I need to buy a running show and my foot is a little flat
Would you advice me to get the Pegasus 34 or 35 or zoom X
And I’m concerned about the durability
I’m wating for your answer

Jolyn Salgado says:

This or the vomero 13?
Comparison pls

Dakota Valdes says:

Review the adizero adios 3

Gray Gamer says:

What do you suggest for me
To wait or to buy the pegassu 35?
I run 45 minutes at speed 7 to 9 km/h twice a day
But most of the time I use the treadmill Becaus the weather outside where I live is not healthy

Joshua Bushyhead says:

Tempted to get the 35’s. I have to hold out for the Peg Turbos though . I have the Vaporfly 4%, and want the Zoomx foam in a trainer. The Vaporfly is far too pricey to use as a daily, so i am saving for races only.

Tom Kadota says:

Love the Cudi instrumental! Dope review as always

Alex Argiropoulos says:

Does anyone have any idea what the matching hoodie/top he is wearing?

Sam Tonkin says:

How many grams do these weigh? Some places I am reading 266g and others 280g

chaba49 says:

Do Nike shoes look good ? Yes but they stopped making good running shoes . Chinese Pieces of Junk . Mine hot wet and fell apart .

moustafa shafie says:

what about softness ?

ThomasDrijusl14 says:

Who also has problems with the heelcup? It feels like I’m slippin out with every step and not very secure


Skrapp pap pap pap pa

Chase Denton says:

I really like the upper Nike used for the Pegasus 35…but everything else feels the same as the 34,33,32 etc. It would be interesting if nike replaces EVA insole with react. React with the zoom air would be a winning combo.

dtorney3 says:

you have the best reviews

Edward Joo says:

For a 5k on grass and road, which shoe would you recommend; pegasus 35, odyssey react, or the zoom elite 10s? what is the main difference between the cushion?

Andrea Agosti says:

great shoes! bought them 2 weeks ago, had 3-4 great runs!

Ok Ok says:

Does it true to size?

Vang Vang says:

It’s not comfortable at all

Mike Szekely says:

After spending time in the Peg 35, would you recommend just waiting on the Peg Turbo? I very much appreciate your review(s) & I want to pull the trigger on the Peg 35…but…I likes me some ZoomX, BABY!!! Argh…decisions, decisions.

dtorney3 says:

as mentioned bought them ran 10 miles this am love the ride

simone the fish says:

Love how his outfit matches color with his shoes

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