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Today I’m reviewing the Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo! The Pegasus Turbo is the latest Nike running sneaker to drop and is a higher tech upgrade to the popular Nike Zoom Pegasus 35. The Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo includes a Zoom X and React midsole set up that gives the show an incredibly comfortable ride. The Pegasus Turbo is an excellent shoe for runners and casual lifestyle wearers alike. The Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo could easily be classified as one of The Top 10 Best Running Sneakers of 2018. Check out the review to learn more!

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Ryan Yap says:

Zoom X is softer than Boost and the React helps to stabilize the midsole and provide a “bounce back” feel. However, the Boost has better energy return. Comfort wise both are on par. I will choose the Peg Turbo for running as it is much lighter. Boost for lifestyle any day.

Benjamin Donaldson says:

Contender for sneaker of the year?

Łukasz Duczmanski says:

could you do review of nike exp 14, im wondering is it worth to buy(i dont have money for element 87’s on resell xDD)

Joshua Bushyhead says:

I have the Turbos , and love them. I have been a long time Adidas Ultraboost/boost runner. From a performance view they beat the Ultraboost. The Ultraboosts may be marginally more comfortable, but they are heavier.

Benjamin Donaldson says:

Seth what kind of shorts do you run in?

Austin Koehler says:

One of the worst QC shoes I’ve ever seen. Ordered a pair for myself and returned them immediately. Paint and glue were everywhere. I would have expected better from a $40 sneaker…not a $180 sneaker. Absolute trash.

Wes Johnson says:

First shoe I’ve tried in the last couple of years that I find more comfortable than Ultra Boosts, hoping they do some cool collabs with the shoe sooner than later!

Jae Young Shin says:

Comparison video nike zoom pegasus 35 and nike react epic pls

Got the SAUCE says:

My shoe came creased out the box man

remytron83 says:

I really dig the Pegasus line as LS and performance shoes. They’re just so comfortable. My favs are the Photosynthesis 32s

Rayray says:

Are there any good running shoes that aren’t super fkin cushioney!? I hate the bounciness of boost. I just want shoes in which I can train fast all around explosive movements with (e.g. plyometrics, suicides, sprinting, etc). I want enough cushion and support so my knees don’t die but not super cushiony where its just useless for fast explosive movements and will slow me down. Anyone have any suggestions?

Genysmen runner says:

You like better the black one than the punch?

Philly B says:

I guess getting it for free will make u like it and promote it.
did u missed alot of negatives which dissent surprise me——————– bought and paid for

Matlock Wallace says:

Once they make an upper that looks good, I’ll give it a go.

Shade says:

I’m in the UK Seth and I’m looking for that colour way you have in your video not the Barely Grey/Hot Punch hook a brother up please

Camden Foster says:

Get the vapor street and do a review pls!!!

Logan Hallahan says:

I think the creasing makes the show unique and not in a bad way.. Not many shoes crease like the pegasus does and I think that it makes the shoe stand out even more. Can’t wait to get it

Jon Jackson says:

flywire lockdown > UB cage when running.

Adrian Maria says:

The creases is what kills it for me

just4kicks says:

What’s the giveaway anyone know

Victor Choquere says:

Flyknit version please !!!!

Got the SAUCE says:

Been had these

Ryan Glynn says:

Are these shoes good for trail running?

Peter says:


Russel Vergara says:

Hi SethFowler! I know that this is a running shoes but just in terms of cushion, these or EQT Support 93/17? It’s hard to look for these here in PH but I might order it online if these are better cushion wise. Hope to get a response from you.

Scenic Drive says:

Where did you find that shoe shelf at?

just4kicks says:

How do I grow as a channel I just started and it’s pretty basic but idk how to reach out to my potential audience…

Johnny Vichi says:

hi seth love your videos! I have a question for you, on the canadian website, it says zoom pegasus turbo. no mention of the number 35. is it the same sneaker? It gors for 240$ canadian dollars which is like 182 USD

edinayee says:

I like this one, would love to try it on

Isaias Martinez says:


GDSpectralAlpha says:

Lol heskicks is so heavy, his pair creased alot but seths pair looks deadstock

Benjamin Donaldson says:

ZoomX is softer than boost, but boost doesn’t crease

BeGoneThot says:

will y’all hype beasts quit buying up all the damn running shoes

Lew Lope says:

Does it have arch support? so the sole would easily wear out with the exposed react cushion?

LeFron_James says:

I bought both pairs – they’re dope but wondering why they didn’t use FK

MoFarah'sDust says:

the “peak” is for aerodynamics. Yes its on the back of the shoe but you are swinging the foot backwards half of the time you are running at high velocities.

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