Nike’s Adapt BB Hands-On: First app-controlled, self-lacing basketball shoes

Nike has officially introduced its first self-lacing basketball shoes, the Adapt BB. These new sneakers are designed to provide a “truly customized fit for every basketball player,” according to the company, thanks to a power-lacing system called FitAdapt that can be adjusted manually or with a smartphone app.

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Pas depub says:

Can you confirm the tallest size please ?

stefan diaconu says:

we needed rgb on our shoes in 2019

Joshua Waxman says:

great quality. fast delivery .A+…Go soletrendshoe。com

Prashant Dubey says:

but why?????

JogBird says:

cyclists have been using BOA dials for yrs, does the same thing without the app gimmick, stupid ppl

Aashish Noko says:


Jonel Juste says:

How do you wash these sneakers?

Sean The Right Way says:

Can you enable the lights to stay on or only on when lacing?

Philippe Rostin says:

I just cant wait for you to invent the underwear that will wrap my balls automatically with blutooth memory ! Definitely the most stupid things on earth, especially at 350 USD ! Your “engeneers” have way toot much time and money on their hands

이종석 says:

The app looks soooo good

Lindsay Ledbetter says:

Is this going to be the new trend amongst kids like the pump it up shoes. My 9yr old already wants them. It could be good for ppl with disabilities but its not going to be the ones who buy these. Back to the future vibe! This is going to make kids lazier. I wonder if they are heavy? It is a stupid invention but I have so many questions. Lol sadly I see this selling.

sinthason says:

I wonder how it works walking in the rain with a lithium battery in your shoes.

Tomas Francisco Yañez Fuentes says:

But why so ugly?

William Morris says:

*ties shoe from app phone gets hacked and your brain is now controlled by the Illuminati

Eric says:

“Be half that at $350” More like sold out instantly and $4000 on grailed.

Brenton Edwards says:

Watches that need charging all the time…now shoes? What’s next? Hats? Ridiculous.

Slanh 1314 says:

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បញ្ចាក់: ខ្ញុំបានSubម្ចាស់ផេកហើយ

spacetimesystemz says:

How long will they last in a Basketball game?

hearn nancy says:

Comfortable! My grandson loves them.…At Buys9 * Com

Ibraheem Productions says:

The notch on his phone bugs me.

The Short Session Angler says:

Is the market for people who cant tie shoelaces large?

QuietStormX says:

I’m Surprised they don’t charge up as you move or while walking than after you get home to charge overnight. ;-(

Mikey Hez says:

How about the cushion?

Prasant Ghising says:

Does LED on continuously while playing?

Jorge Ramirez says:

what if your phone dies out???

TheWaterbound07 says:

Last lol

Malcolm Lawrence says:

Back to the future vibe

kayEs85 says:

back to the future… now!

Jesus the Crusader of Islam says:

Max I can do is $1 over 100

TheChico868 says:

what happened to hands and lacing?

Robert Kurowski says:

I could see this technology be incorporated into back belts. Which probably has a larger fiscal share then the current market. $100 for an adaptive back belt automatically adjust fit awesome. Perhaps Bluetooth enabled so your boss knows you’re wearing it?

IndoorSherbet says:


YTSliv says:

350 is really not that expensive.

XirfansetX says:

Now we can hack shoes

j p says:

get control of their phone and then torture them lol

Michael Chan says:

Just in case anyone doesn’t get the context:
Tinker Hatfield is a sneaker-design legend. Nike should (and would) listen very closely to him.
His goal is to push athlete performance as much as possible. He also brought attention to the fact that most athletes improperly adjust their laces, which can affect performance more than you’d think, so this helps adjust laces in-game.
Nike also pays some attention to those who want to do things (sports or whatever), but have physiological inabilities, like designing a Lebron line with straps.
They’ve also been pushing the icon of the self-lacing Air Mag from Back to the Future as a side-project.

Fadi T says:

To be accurate, Nike’s first self lacing shoes were the ones appeared in “Back to future” movie. It was real and Nike really made them


Put this technology into some Nike air Max & I’m sold

Promethean Vision says:


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