Review & On-Feet: Nike Dualtone Racer “Pale Grey / Solar Red”

Nike recently unveiled their new Racer silhouette, the Dualtone Racer which is a lifestyle sneaker taken from the pages of the Flyknit Racer model. Featuring a mesh upper and a new beefed up dual density foam sole, check out my review to hear my thoughts on the latest creation from the Nike Sportswear team!


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jason lee says:

The “dual” cushion aka dual density cushion has a soft foam throughout the whole shoe encased by a firmer foam that is exposed to the outside midsole… this is y u cannot see that there are 2 different foams

Ste ve says:

If they make a flyknit version with this sole I’d cop, I just don’t like the sole of the flyknit racer but love the upper

joe park says:

The only thing that stopped me from buying the flyknit racer was that it was way too tight in the middle of the foot, as the sole was too narrow. These dualtone racers looks similar but I could be wrong. Do they fit any differently from the flyknit racer?

yash tiwari says:

What is weight of this shoe?

Nagi E says:

thumbs up

Jason Perez says:

Sean what province in Canada do you live in?

Eric Marin says:

when will you get the mariahs? That would be cool.

Kiko Sinaguinan says:

The back of the shoe is very hard and protrudes toward your heel. There is constant rubbing so you’ll develop heel blisters.

Adam Benko says:

These or Adidas Pure boost DPR ? Comfort and look wise. By the way, are these more comfy than flyknit racers ? And how do they stack up compared to NMD ? Thanks.

davey bui says:

Hey Sean! Are you going to go for the Flyknit Trainers later this month? If so, how limited do you think they’ll be?

Andrew Van says:

Are these comfortable (with the flyknit racer I thought they were great but my foot would cramp up in them. maybe due to their width?) ? Would you use these or Flyknit Rosche 2 for a casual shoe?

D.K.V says:

Nike > adidas
who agrees and why or why not?

EOST Kevin says:

these are dope and look better than the flyknits imo

Miguel Botto says:

These are supposed to be for running right?

Wilmer Bryan Estreller says:

Sean. with regards to the comfortably due to cushion, is there a huge difference between this and the flyknit racer?

Ian Eclair says:

Nice review man! And the pictures too! hella niceeeeeeee

Starz Dam says:

Man.. Sean always produces the best reviews!

JiG248 says:

All these racers are like the lil’ babies of the Flyknit Racer. You are just missing the Mariah racer. Keep it up!

Always up for a Nike review instead of the saturated 3 stripes vids all over.

Tryinglittleleg says:

Just got these! They great shoes! Great review!

Roger S says:

Love the reviews Sean. I was watching one of your reviews at FinishLine shopping for shoes. Most likely, you’ll be my one to go to for 411 while shopping for shoes. Thanks. SUBSCRIBED !!

a3zth3tikz says:

I just realised Sean, you only reviewed NMDs twice. Not your style?

Eric Marin says:


Kevin Carmody says:

These shoes just look like broke boy versions of the flyknits

Ajaay Persaud says:

You gonna cop the Flyknit Trainers when they come out? I didnt see them on footlocker or nike’s release calendars but heard theyre dropping later this month

Veko says:

You and your Nike racers. Haha

Thorhildur Olafsdottir says:

How do you think the sizing of the Dualtone Racer is compared to the Free RN Distance Flyknit ?

Blackindedkmitl says:

Nice review

AkuGiler says:

Thanks man! for including the thumb sizing for the shoe, really gives me a clear idea hows the sizing now. You really took our comment suggestions seriously. This man right here is the right thing ! 2 thumbs up and kuddos !!! Keep the channel going really enjoying the reviews !

The Rex life says:

They’re definitely gonna be more durable than the fly knits and the problem with developing holes around the toes.

tim twijutsu says:

Anyone know if these shoes are true to size? I plan to buy one right now if true to size

Nathaniel says:

Are they good running shoes?

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