Review & On-Feet: Nike Roshe Two “Black/Sail” & “Triple Black”

Since its release in 2012, the Roshe One has taken the sneaker world by storm, becoming a staple in wardrobes everywhere. The Roshe Two, designed by Dylan Raasch, finds itself with big shoes to fill. Do they live up to its predecessor?


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Dru Pannell says:

Anybody know where he got his joggers from? I greatly appreciate any help!

Baba Tech says:

which one will be better between nike roshe & nike lunarstelos?????

Sami basheer says:

I live in Chicago so should I get roshe 2 breathe or just the normal ones


so are they more durable? 😀

Agent Orange says:

Are these types of shoes meant to be worn with out socks?

Gert De Boer says:

I have size 41,5 eu and they dont have that size in my country should i get 42 ?

I am 12 tho so my my feet still grow

Carlos Hennemann says:

The roshee 1,s are very durable for me I use them as schoolshoes play sports in them and they aren’t ruined I’ve had them for almost a year but I like the roshee 2.0 more

JH07 regi says:

nike roshe 2 or tubular shadow?

Tremontiislife says:

So are these more durable than the ones

MrMathboi Reborn says:

Hey Sean Nice Review! I had two questions. My first one is, do you think these roshes are durable to wear as an everyday shoe (in the rain as well) not winter obviously. My second question is do you prefer the roshes over the ZX flush?

Felipe Santos says:

is just me or the roshe two looks like the adidas tubular radial ??

Brian Mullany says:

Good video mate, and great remix


how’s the sizing of these? is it true to size?

Lilibeth Tapia says:

do they stretch?

young mouss says:

How does it run? I normally wear US 10.5 or 11

Rodrigo LA says:

Roshe 2 is more comfortable than Roshe 1?

Malcolm Crane says:

I have the black roshe twos and am dissapointed. On all my shoes I wear a 11.5 and I purchased a 12 on the roshes. The problem is that my little toe sticks out the side of the shoe. Is there a way to widen them??

MrMejia187 says:

Can these be deemed running shoes too? Or is it not that durable?

Chrisss says:

Don’t know if I should get triple black or black sail

Virality says:

original roches are still the best theses ones look and feel bad

matteobariana says:

i got them for $36 off the nike website. i ended up paying 60 cause i added the nike id

PGm issa says:

Both look same lol

YAZEEgames says:


Sofiane Paname says:

music please 0:00

John Johnson says:

I just picked up a pair, and I recommend going up .5 a size. They are snug around the foot, unlike the ones I have. May be uncomfortable for those with wider feet.

Sami basheer says:

I live in Chicago so should I get roshe 2 breathe or just the normal ones

PSG4 EVER says:

music please, +1 like

Birdy says:

The white one looks like you stepping on a giant toothpaste

Sudharshan Hariharan says:

Hi Sean, thanks for your in-depth review of the Roshe Twos! I’ve been thinking about getting a pair and your video convinced me. I think I’ll be getting the black on blacks. Just one question, how did yours hold up in terms of durability? Thanks again!

Don Draper says:

as much as i liked the roshi 2 the back of the shoes in the upper right corner would dig into my inner heal chaffing it. i tried 2 different pairs so ill probably go for some roshe 1’s now since it does have that liner in it thats causing me problems.

Christian Gomez says:

Nike Roshe 1 or 2? Which one is better and why..

Jonathan Vo says:

How have these help up? My main concern now is if they are durable or not.

Andre Salzmann says:

just ordered a custom set so excited

Panos Jonas says:

Hey Sean, should I go for Roshe One or Two? Which one on regular version is better in breathe, durability and comfort?
Good review, keep it up!

itsnothingbitches says:

Do they make you more taller?

itsnothingbitches says:

so Sean what is your answer for the shoes? Are they very/enough durable and more comfy than the one?

ed lok says:

I got a pair of flyknit roshe 2 from finish line for $73

The Cod Gamer says:

nice vid bro !!!

Riesner Rodriguez says:

Do you wear with or without socks?

wakiwest says:

probably a stupid question but can you tighten the laces for a snug fit?

Batman's Parents says:

Triple Black Baby! Mine are in the mail now!

iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams says:

Was trying to decide whether or not I should get and I was gonna pass because I couldn’t find any decent reviews but I’m so glad I clicked on this video would’ve made a huge mistake! Thank you so much for this not only informative but unbiased review. I’m in love w/ your channel, your whole asthetic and vibe is awesome especially when it comes down to the editing and the clean photography shots and how can I forget about the music. Please keep it up! Seriously can’t believe you only have 15k

mxwright says:

I went TTS but found after a while they loosen up and feel a bit baggy, almost .5 too big now, unless I wear them with thick crew socks. Anyone find the same?


question are u like Asian or just asking

3m0_Wr3ck says:

Tre Blacks look tight

Putra Wahyu S says:

roshe 2 vs huarache. which is more comfy?

Jacob Boor™ says:

I have all white roshe 2s, are they washing machine safe? I have a gray pillow case but I’m scared that the gray from the pillow case will rub onto the white shoes

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