Shoe pickup: Nike Air Mag

Shoe pickup review of the Nike Air Mag that was recently auctioned off between September 8th-18th, 2011. All proceeds were donated to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson Disease research. Shoe was originally introduced in back to the future and now it has been made available to the public with only 1510 pairs made worldwide. The only feature that was never added was the power-lace system. None the less it was a huge success and definitely all for a great cause!


EyyT says:

you can buy these online for 275

Frankie Frankerson says:

Da hoods gonna be lit up like xmass with all the new age porch monkeys.

Tania L Carter Nicholson says:

Very cool! !

Nathan Mejia says:

stop it ok I well call the police for you right now

Chase Scott says:

Video 911 long take a moment of silence for our country

Jello says:

These are just the fake mags

GamerX GamerX says:

that’s fake its a replica


Do you think you could get me a air of those

George Zaharia says:

they sold you a rollerblade shoe without the rollerblade for 5000 usd awesome

SmArT bEaTz says:

UGLY as fuck!!! not worth $.50 IMO

Dulse Maria Zubiate Martinez says:

es jenial

Jámés Hiiguita says:

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss que poder que chiris

William Kayser says:


Terence Gatlin says:

I just realize somthing … Are they waterproof?

Pierre-Olivier Dussault says:

Probably the least excited owner of Nike Air Mag

shagufta anwar says:

oh my gosh

Gavinyt01 says:


Isaiah Pavon says:

Put in safari cheap Nike air mag


yo people who are saying what are those are you being serious because those are nice and cost over 9,000 dollars

Caleb Eli says:

THATS LIKE $6,000 !!!!! lucky! XD

Griffin Ison says:

fakkkkkkkke….auto lace button is not In the right spot…exposed.

leudona Krasniqi says:

why the fuck does this guy say nikey it nike you retard

J.B.R. STAR says:

just 6000 dollars *-*

Jámés Hiiguita says:

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss que pader que chiris

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