Today I’m reviewing the Supreme x Nike Zoom Streak Spectrum Plus! The Worst Dad Shoe. The Supreme Nike Zoom Spectrum comes with printed flame graphics and minimal Supreme branding, including a Supreme box logo on the insole. The Supreme Dad Shoe features cheap materials and poor construction, making it not worth the $160 retail price point. This Supreme Hypebeast shoe is nothing but Hype. Hype Beasts can expect to pay just over retail if they missed out on this Supreme Nike collab at launch. Check out my review to learn more!

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Sikai Wu says:

Yeezys 530 this

chad garganta says:

What about the flame Vans ?

Got the SAUCE says:

These r hella ugly

yoherson de leon says:

Lmfao this review is hilarious. Where’s hanz with the flamethrower?

Matthew Tagayun says:

I’m actually into these haha

Topkek kek says:

i fucking love it when you hate a shoe, its so fucking funny holy fuck

teeblack06 says:

ugly asf

Jason Vo says:

You should’ve put garbage bags at the background instead of those yeezys lol

lunatrics says:

i am passing the whole dad shoes trend

Matt Ebach says:

FYM!!! These hoes are fye just copped some

Montemex23 says:

Seth is responsible for his own madness here

Scared of toasters says:

I could see these reslling at Ross.

ocean_ sapphire says:

nice silouhette but shitty with those flames

Leon says:

Stfu why did you even buy this “garbage bag” there are actually people out there like me that like this sneaker

Luis Vazquez says:

This supreme nike garbage bag…. I love it… Thank you for the honesty, just because you throw a brand on something does not mean it needs to sell for over 100 USD, nor does it mean it needs to be sold at all tbh….

Hinboy jukkruu says:

I see you from Thailand. Pretty much all the shoes in the back of it pretty much offline. I like the review even though I do not know much about it. But I like it a lot. I just got your shoes from a couple of 555 I’m tracking it. I’m in Thailand Fb: Rungreung Onsa-ard

Matt Poulin says:

$160 for something that cost probably $20 to make…

sneaker sunday says:

I love it

Cool Younkers says:

Trash ass shoe

AuthenticShooz says:

I think they are nice.

Plazard Flexico says:

I Rather Have The Original Ones

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Fantastic review. Keep up the good work.

David W. says:

Are we not surprised with this after the humaras? Collabs with supreme have seriously gotten worst over the years. The collaborating company probably picks an ugly surplus item that they have and lets supreme put their name all over it. Wake up people…..

raroshraj says:

Seth your jeans fucking blow im sorry

jayesh patil says:

I’d rather wear air monarch’s my whole..

jon doe says:

Im so fucking tired of this Dad Shoe craze. I hate bandwagon,hypebeast fuck Supreme,fuck nike for even doing this,this sneaker game is starting to get real wack

Bamb!i says:

I love these!!!

Madeleine Andersson says:

This shoe is trash (literally)

Jason Moore says:

You’re trash!!

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