Nike legend react performance Review. Similar to the Odyssey react but cheaper.

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Marcus Bass says:

You had when you said we can taste of react for under 100

PlatinumState says:

I thought all react was made equal

E w says:

Surprised Nike runners even come with laces at that price point

Gina Pham says:

I returned these after 4 miles… they killed my ankles. I thought they felt very stiff. My suspicions have now been confirmed. Such a disappointment for an affordable react shoe.

Дмитрий Ястребов says:

Hi!) I from Russia, but watch your videos constantly! Everything is accurate and clear, thanks for informational content!

Milan van der Meer says:

Don’t know about you all, but I’m starting to go Team #GretchenOrNah

mbelhanin says:

Jamie, since it is the end of the year, it will be nice to do top 10 of each category. Racing flats, Minimalist shoes, Training shoes, Maximalist shoes and Trail… Just an idea…

Vaanres Vaanica says:

Nice review as always Jami. And Gretchen is so cuteeeeeee

Jamison Michael says:

Gretchen has been featured in other vids:

Adidas solar Glide:

Hoka Challenger 5:

Hiratio Masterson says:

Nasty takedown of quality assurance on the React foam. Is Nike really using different grades of React? Definitely worth looking into. Would probably need some chemist to run some tests, but worrying when React is not React… 🙁

Nathalie Calvano says:

that is why I didnt like the react foam hate those nike and lov a lot of nike shoes

aristodiga82 says:

I’m not one of those who want a review of this shoe. But… I don’t care what shoe you’re reviewing, I want #moregretchen please…

Max Bowyer says:

An upload from Jamie and kofuzie in the same hour!Lets gooo!

Pernection says:

No reason to charge a lot for just knit. Get HOVR

MrMikemontei says:

Well they are good for walking and working.

Gabriel Lee says:

Gretchen is quite fine 🙂

Victor Gatchalian says:

I click the like button for Gretchen 🙂

J S. says:

I tried these at the outlet. It’s a beginner shoe. That’s where the mid foot and heel striking peeps are for the most part. I hated it too. Maybe good for vacation walking..

Baltsu says:

I think that most people don’t buy the Legend React for running. People who want a cheap shoe for casual wear or gym are the main customer segments for this shoe model. Not real runners. Here it was 40% off this weekend because of Black Friday. 60 euros isn’t a bad price.

Gabriel Plata says:

I wear these, I’am sure the react is not that great compared to the other react models only because of the thickness of the “foam”, the react on the legend is too slim.

Aaron Tay says:

Yeah I feel you! It is way too much of a step down from the Odyssey’s and Epic’s!

Grizzly Running says:

I bought these as school shoes and tried them for running and they were amazing. They are beat up after a lot of wear and a cross country season but they are still super comfortable.

Ulrich W. says:

Bought them for 40€ and i like them…i think.
The ride feels good and for this price I can’t complain. For more than that I think they’re not worth it.
These shoes are more lifestyle than running shoes.

PS: I like your videos very much!:)
Greetings from Germany.

Jamison Michael says:

..and this my friend concludes REVIEW WEEK! and Just in case you missed any of the uploads…

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Jakob says:

I bought this shoe because all reviews were fairly positive and I wanted a cheap entry into React, but I agree with everything you said, it’s bad. Mine even lacks the Nike logo on one of the shoes, so no quality control at all apparently. At least I got a massive discount, but even the 30 Euros I paid are too much for a shoe I won’t ever use. Too bad I didn’t return it, I trusted the other reviewers saying it’s good and thought I had to break it in or something. The mesh is already starting to fall apart and I’ve worn it a couple of times only.

Rayray says:

In australia, I can get Epic Reacts for $100 AUD with sales.

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